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Alicia Gonzalez

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Founder/CEO of 24/7 Modern Mom Media Corporation

Founder/CEO of Ella Startups

Founder of the Kaitlyn Gonzalez Foundation



Alicia is a proud Latina of Puerto Rican – Italian combination, married to a Mexican.  She’s full of spicy character and uses her love of speaking and inspiring to advocate for other people, especially parents and children with special needs.  She was born and raised in New York. She moved to the West Coast during her teenage years.  She currently resides in California with her husband and five fabulous children.

24/7 Modern Mom was born as a result of an unexpected pregnancy.  Alicia and her husband were a small family of 2 people.  Following the birth of two sons, Alicia and her husband became a small family of 4.  The unexpected pregnancy blessed the small family with spontaneous triplets, two boys, and one girl.  The small family became a big family of 7.  24/7 Modern Mom was born, both literally and figuratively.

The triplets were born prematurely, at 29 weeks, weighing in at just over two pounds each.  All three of the triplets were diagnosed with Autism in 2012.  In the same year, two of them were diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Alicia continues to be an advocate for her own children and for parents of special needs children.  She is a National Speaker on a variety of topics, including Parenting, Special Needs, Motivational Coaching, and Business.

If you are interested in booking her to speak at an event, please use the contact form on this site HERE. Someone will get back to you within 2 business days. Alicia is also working on her first book.  Stay tuned for release info!

Alicia’s Family

Alicia’s husband tries to sound cool and supportive by throwing around Social Media jargon.  You can just call him Alberto.  No, that’s not his name but most people can’t pronounce his name.  He randomly says things like, “That would be great for Instagram! Have you Twitted that yet? Are you tweeting on Facebook again?  Are you working on a poster? Wow, you’re getting a lot of good campers with companies.”  He is hungry a lot.  Alicia cooks a lot.  His toes are really long.  They look kind of like fingers. He thinks tortillas are one of the four basic food groups.  If he says he cooks and cleans, he’s lying.  He says really nice things about Alicia and the kids, behind their backs. They usually find out he’s been spreading nice words around.

Alicia’s oldest son is sixteen-years-old.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes soccer.  He taught his younger brother Pedro, how to crack his knuckles and his toes.  He also taught him Soccer.  Antonio is a big reason 24/7 Modern Mom™ has been so successful.  When his world changed, and he became the oldest of not just one sibling, but four, he rose to the occasion.  He is funny, sweet, smart, and supportive.  Recently, he began handing-down old sweaters to Alicia.  He is finally taller than her.

Alicia’s second son is twelve-years-old.  He melts the heart of everyone he meets.  He is super sweet and incredibly precocious.  He loves to boss around his younger siblings but also loves to teach them about life.  He has a lot of opinions and in currently negotiating the chance to follow in his mom’s footsteps by launching his own YouTube channel.  The terms remain in the early stages of negotiation.  Contrary to his oldest brother, Pedro is short.  He is 25th percentile short.  He doesn’t mind.  He says people really underestimate short people, but he is proud to represent them, like his favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi. Despite his love for Messi, he says his first true hero is his mom.

Alicia’s triplets are six-years old.  They were born at just 29 weeks and fought for every breath they took.  At birth, they were on ventilators.  It was a scary time for the entire family.  Over the years, the triplets have proven to be extraordinary.  They were an unplanned pregnancy, which Alicia credit’s to being God’s biggest plan for her.  Although the triplets have Autism, and two have Epilepsy, they have proven that life is possible, against all odds.  With intensive therapies and a great amount of support, the threesome have exceeded expectations.  The only expectation people have of them now, is that they will continue to defy odds, inspire, and flourish. Enrique likes to fight.  He might be a boxer.  His love for dancing just might give him the edge he needs for some winning footwork.  He also likes to kiss.  Andres likes to sing and dance.  He’s really good.  He say’s he is going to be a dancer when he grows up.  Kaitlyn is actually the youngest, but she considers her the big sister of ALL of her siblings. She loves to be in charge and struggles just a bit with her need for everything to be perfect.  She is the tallest of her triplet siblings and enjoys playing soccer with all of them.  It never escapes her that she is the only girl among the group of them.  The triplets have a special bond that awes most people who have the chance to witness them together.