Elizabeth Traub


Elizabeth Traub

Business Adviser

Elizabeth Traub is a Portland, OR mom of 5. She has spent the past 20 years working as a consultant with business start-ups, and existing businesses. For 15 years, she has also mentored & coached women to live in the design of their dreams and passions. Elizabeth has worked with those who have their dreams and passions scribbled on a napkin through the steps of getting started. Elizabeth works through strategies, goal planning, marketing, training, product design and development. In the last year Elizabeth has worked to develop Social Media presence in new media platforms for her clients. Elizabeth has maintained, for over 20 years, her hobby for Kids Room Design. She has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, and Kids Room Magazine as well as working 10 consecutive years with the Portland Street of Dreams. Elizabeth loves to hear your stories and tells her own with much wit and charm keeping her readers coming back. Elizabeth currently maintains her presence through what she does in real time now doing it all online.

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Three things I do in real time now doing online:
Hung Out To Buy www.hungouttobuy.com
Elizabeth Traub Consulting & Design www.elizabethtraub.com
Girlfriends Hub www.girlfriendshub.com