Joani Plenty


Joani Plenty

is a bestselling author, coveted speaker, actress, storyteller, mother, wife and lover of life.  One of her true passions is inspiring others to follow their dreams and take risks; emptying their bucket lists along the way.  Joani benefits from her fears by using them to motivate and educate others.

Joani is co-author of the international bestseller, ‘Embracing Your Authentic Self’, as well as ‘5 Keys To Self-Sabotage: A Woman’s How-NOT-To Guide’.  She is a member of Coachville, NAFE (National Association for Female Executives) and Women Speakers Association.  An advocate for Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and the Anti-Bullying Movement, Joani founded ‘The Random Kindness Rally Project’ and is a site consisting of tips and resources on bullying by experts; former bullies themselves.

Joani is a self-proclaimed “Professional Social Butterfly” and labeled a social media personality by her peers.  Fearing her 40th birthday, Joani felt something was missing in her life.  She decided she was no longer going to waste time trying to decide what one thing she wanted to do…she was going to do it ALL and no longer care what other people thought!  “It’s not about what other people think you can or cannot do.  What matters is that you’re doing something or everything that you love.  You won’t do any one thing that your heart isn’t in better than 20 things that you love.”  On her 40th birthday, in an effort to feel better about her age, Joani committed 40 random acts of kindness and encouraged others across the country to do the same.  This lead to a nomination for the 2012 Nations United Social Media Award for using her social media platforms for good.

Joani’s talents lie in the arts; film acting, voice-over acting, dancing, singing, writing, fashion and graphic design as well as creating visually appealing brand ideas and taglines.  Her spare time is spent blogging, horseback riding, crafting, enjoying family or singing in the mirror with her “hairbrush microphone” and air guitar.  Joani is a creative and motivational self-help writer but she loves and writes in many genres, including poetry.  Joani lives in NJ with her husband, the children doctor’s told her she would never have and “Phil”, the groundhog who lives under the shed.