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Kimberly Sentek: Bio

Who am I? I am a daughter, a sister, a niece, a goddaughter, a godmother, a friend, occasionally a poet, a softie for animals and kids, and now a children’s book author. I may not be the best at these at all times, but I am me. I am OK with that; I hope that you are too!

If you’re interested in learning more about who I am, here are 99 things that you may not know about me:

    1. I was so obsessed with “Nancy Drew” books as a child that I tried to convince my cousins to give me the nickname “Drew.” They didn’t…
    2. I cried at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird.
    3. I love the look of old books on a bookshelf.
    4. I was an editor years ago. I enjoy and miss that kind of work.
    5. One day I hope my bookshelf is full of books I have written, whether it’s children’s books or adult fiction (I’m still toying around with the latter).
    6. I have a soft spot for cockapoos. Nico and Tugger, the two dogs that currently own me, are both cockapoos.
    7. As a child, I thought our dog Basha was huge. Looking back, I realize that she was probably 25 pounds at the most, which may be why she didn’t like when I tried to ride her like a horse.
    8. A Billy Squier concert was the first that I ever attended.
    9. My longest crush is Jon Bon Jovi; our relationship is the longest romantic one that I have had. It’s a shame he doesn’t know about it.
    1. My favorite flower is a purple iris.
    2. Sunflowers make me think of my trip to Italy; we saw fields and fields of them there.  I would love to go back some day.
    3. My favorite Disney movie is Lady and the Tramp.
    4. Nine is my favorite number.
    5. I don’t think that I could live without pretzels (especially the extra dark ones) and mashed potatoes. I just don’t eat them together.
    6. Two of the most difficult things for me to do are to peel oranges and fold ironing boards.
    7. I wish that computers came with a sarcasm font.
    8. In addition to To Kill a Mockingbird, the other book I had to read for school that I remember enjoying is Like Water for Chocolate.
    9. I have one of the worst childhood photos EVER. When I was four years old my mom dressed me in a navy blue and orange plaid vest and bow tie outfit (for Easter) after she cut off all my hair. I didn’t realize I looked like a boy until we went to a nursing home and someone yelled out, “Hey little man, wanna play?” I still need therapy.
    10. The list of five people I’d choose to be stuck on a desert island with changes, but there are two constants on it: Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Hanks.
    1. It took trial and error for me to realize the difference between a head of garlic and a clove of garlic. My recipe for spinach balls was quite unique the Easter that I didn’t know the difference.
    2. I don’t like getting my face wet in the shower or pool. I hated having to learn to swim with my face in the water.
    3. I hate how I look in photographs, although after a few drinks I tend to forget that.
    4. I grew up playing and watching sports. My favorite athletes include Mo Cheeks, Grant Hill, and Paul Kariya.
    5. My birthday is one day before my mom’s. As a child I thought I was older than she was because my birthday is before hers.
    6. I have no sense of direction. In fact, every way I am facing is north to me.
    7. If I have a stain that I can’t get out of a piece of clothing, I give it to my mom. I still can’t figure out what she has in her bag of tricks that works so well.
    8. Other than Polish, I have no idea what nationality I am. The answer changes every time I ask my dad.  If I could, I would check off “mutt” on forms that ask for this info.
    9. I have heard just about every Polish joke that you can think of.
    10. It would be a dream come true for me to play maracas on stage with Bon Jovi as the band plays “Keep the Faith.”
    1. I don’t want to hear Christmas music before December 1.
    2. I have more ladybug items in my kitchen than I know what to do with.
    3. I hold my breath when I walk up steps, but I don’t know why and I don’t realize it until I am out of breath.
    4. I hate scary movies. I especially don’t like vampire ones (although I made it through the Twilight series intact).
    5. I wish I could find reruns of The Carol Burnett Show on TV.
    6. Although I can’t sing a song in tune, I swear I must have been a rock star in a former life.
    7. I used to eat Cool Whip on white bread when I was a kid.
    8. My grandmother grew up on a farm that sold tomatoes to Campbell’s Soup. On that farm a cow stepped on her foot. I loved tracing the scar of the hoof on her foot.
    9. I used to be jealous of kids with roller skates with rubber wheels because mine had metal ones.
    10. My dad refused to take me to see Bon Jovi in concert when they toured for their first two albums (they were called albums back then); I am still bitter about that. He finally relented and took me to a show for their Slippery When Wet tour.
    1. I also used to fall off my bike when it had training wheels on it. I think my dad put them on crooked, and I am sticking to that…
    2. I went through a New Kids on the Block phase. I occasionally listen to their greatest hits CD.
    3. I hate touch screen technology.
    4. I only like the original Skittles. I eat them in order of my least favorite to favorite flavors: lime, lemon, orange, strawberry, and grape.
    5. The last time my dad took me fishing I caught 60 fish. (That’s not a fisherman’s tale!) Dad is still bitter about that and has refused to take me ever again.
    6.  I am not a morning person, but I also haven’t figured out what-time-of-day person I am.
    7.  I think that it’s bad luck to kill spiders, but if they are inside my house they are fair game.
    8. I love creamsicle pie, and I dislike seafood.
    9. I tend to add unintentional creases to my clothes when I iron.
    10. My dad rearranged the dates for a family vacation to Las Vegas so my sister and I could see Bon Jovi out there.
    1. My favorite color is purple.
    2. I wish characters on TV would have cool cell phone rings.
    3. I love leopard and snakeskin prints.
    4. I once thought that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Princess Diana autographed something for me (but it was my uncle who signed their names).
    5. I can be pretty gullible.
    6. As a child it upset me that my sister’s name (Sherry) is in songs and there is nothing for Kimberly.
    7. During senior year of high school I decided I wasn’t going to go to college. My mother put her foot down and made me apply to colleges (and attend). I am grateful that she did.
    8. I have a turtle named Elvis.
    9. I believe in ghosts. I know I have seen and heard things that were not of this world.
    10. I would be really bummed if I found out that Jon Bon Jovi is a jerk.
    1. I wish I were more quick-witted. Three days after someone says something to me I usually think of a good retort.
    2. I have been told that I look like the character “Princess Leia” and the actresses Kellie Martin and Wynona Ryder.
    3. I tend to like making Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals because I can figure they will take me at least double that time.
    4. My time management skills in the kitchen stink.
    5. Sometimes I still have to get petite pants hemmed.
    6. Although I am petite, I would like to consider myself “fun sized” (just like the candy bars).
    7. I used to lay out in the sun with tin foil around me (to reflect the rays onto me) with baby oil all over my skin and Sun-In in my hair while a fan blew air on me. I am sure I was quite a sight to the neighbors.
    8. I can say some really random things at times.
    9. I wish Monk and Everybody Loves Raymond were running new episodes.
    10. My aunt created a Christmas ornament for me with a picture of Jon Bon Jovi. It’s the “star” for the top of my tree.
    1. I prefer vanilla to chocolate.
    2. Long toenails freak me out.
    3. I think feet are pretty gross, but I love getting a good foot rub.
    4. I wish a pixie hair cut would look good on me.
    5. I wish I traveled more (and I don’t mean my commute to work).
    6. I hate being stuck in cars, trains, and airplanes for longer than an hour. That may affect my traveling.
    7. My dad (a history buff) told me that Buffalo Bill was a scout in the Indian War. I still remember the sheer look of disappointment on his face when I replied with, “Oh, he recruited people for the army?”
    8. I tend to have very bizarre and vivid dreams.
    9. I would like to be fluent in a second or third language, although I’m not entirely sure I’ve mastered English yet…
    10. I have seen Bon Jovi in concert about 30 times, which really isn’t a lot if you see how some fans follow them all over the world.
    1. If someone knocks on my door or rings the doorbell and I am not expecting company, I do not answer the door.
    2. I am addicted to Video Poker on my Kindle.
    3. I love the movie Sixteen Candles.
    4. I bawl every time I watch Miracle in the Rain and P.S. I Love You. I don’t handle I Am Sam particularly well, either.
    5. If you want a good laugh, watch me trying to use chop sticks.
    6. Matt Passmore, Keith Urban, and Nathan Fillion are among my newer crushes.
    7. When I was five years old, I cried when I found out my mom was not 19 (she was 29). When her friend asked me why I thought she was 19, I said, “She uses Oil of Olay. Her skin looks so young.” I believe that my TV time was cut after that.
    8. I loved Scooby Doo as a child, and I still watch (and buy) the original episodes.
    9. I once was chased out of a pizza place by a woman who was screaming/screeching, “You’re the devil! You’re the Jersey Devil!”
    10. If I ever met Jon Bon Jovi, that would probably be the quietest that anyone has ever seen me. I hope I wouldn’t drool.
  1. I am so terrified of sharks that I can’t even watch “Shark Week” commercials.
  2. I once charged friends and family members 25 cents each to watch me dance to Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock n Roll.” I still remember some of those suave moves…
  3. Some nights I will eat popcorn or cookies for dinner.
  4. The song “You Saw My Blinker” will always make me smile.
  5. I am bummed that Psych and The Glades are not on all year round.
  6. I don’t like using black pens.
  7. After a night of a few drinks, I thought singing “Hero” by Mariah Carey in my friend’s car would help me get sober. This is just one of many fond memories I have of my friend Kristen, who was a hero to many.
  8. I got a concussion from banging my head on the overhang over my basement steps.
  9. I dislike any type of yard work and cleaning.
  10. I have a “thing” for Jon Bon Jovi.