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blog-branding-BeTheLionI know this post has been written. I know it’s been shoved into your face time and time again. But guess what? It is THAT important to know! Especially in this day and age when you can purchase cookie cutter websites within a flick of your credit card. Some examples are wix, godaddy, and vista print. Claiming to give you a “site-in-a-box” within seconds. “SO easy” – they say! “You’ll get so much business!” …Well, I will try to break this gently to you… that’s just not true. The more sites that pop up – the MORE competitive and original you have to be with your branding! What does this mean?

It Means Standing Apart from the Crowd!

If you are the millionth mom blogger… (because come on – there are a LOT of mom bloggers) – you will need a blog that is UNIQUE and catered to your writing and style! This is what we designers call your identity. Your identity is your businesses unique look. From your logo, to your icons, to your banners – you need to stand out and not blend in with all the other businesses in your target market. Be a LION in a herd of sheep. This is how you attract people and stand apart from your competitors! Here are some common mistakes I often find when skimming over people’s sites.

Just because YOU Love it – does NOT mean your User Will!

blog-branding-uglywebsitesPeople fancy themselves designers. They have taken time to decorate their website or blog to be EXACTLY as THEY like it – not taking into account that perhaps their love of their favorite photo tiling in the background – or their 50 color palette – does not appeal to everyone. I know, it’s a shocking thing to hear. But this is life. Not everyone is going to love your style. You have to find your perfect blend of classy, unique, and bold all TARGETING your market! And folks.. Just please do me a favor and stop with the ridiculously distracting backgrounds! Do you want people to be more attracted to your background? Or your content? Keep the background clean and subtle so that your content POPS!

Customize your WordPress Theme

blog-branding-wordpress-bedifferent WordPress Themes are MEANT to be toyed with. They are meant to be customized! You don’t want to have the identical website as your buddy Tommy or your sister Amy. You want to have a website FOR YOU and you alone! And you would not believe how easy it is to achieve this with the right designer! We designers love to get our hands on your CSS and style sheets. We love to sex it up – make the fonts pop, the spacing far enough apart. It is our one goal in life to perfect the style of every crunked up website we see. And don’t think you can’t afford it – a reasonable and honest designer will gladly help you within your budget. And if they wont? I WILL! So contact me and lets talk about how we can spice up that website or blog!

#JustSayNO to Clipart

blog-branding-deathtoswishymenOh boy do I have my issues with what we illustrators so lovingly refer to as clipart. What is clipart? Clipart are illustrations you find on the web that you can use either for free, or for a small purchase. They are NON-exclusive images – meaning you absolutely can’t use clipart in a logo unless you are fully prepared to see others with your same logo (VERY BAD). I see so much of this. Such a simple thing that can be fixed with just a little bit of a design budget! It may be more money in the interim, but in the long run – it attracts more people which translates to being more lucrative. So its WORTH the investment. Find an illustrator that understands your brand and your style. Or, contact me and lets talk! I love to illustrate for people and have options for any budget!

But What If I don’t have the Money for Branding?

Well if that’s the case, don’t start a business. If you start a business with no design budget you are basically wasting time. And you would be surprised how little money you truly have to spend to spruce up your brand! Check out my services – you will see there is a price point for every type of budget. So no excuses on why your brand and identity does not stand out among the sea of competition. Do yourself and your website a favor – and take some time to really examine your site and then contact a designer. I for one have lots of experience and knowledge and have helped many people and businesses develop a brand and identity that soars above their competition. Sometimes it just takes the right designer to really make you shine.

Don’t Forget to BE THE LION

blog-branding-BeTheLion-jusSo hopefully after reading this article your eyes are open a little wider when you look over your website. You are a bit more knowledged to the importance of branding and identity- and most importantly – MOTIVATED to go forth into the future with a unique style and BE the LION! The illustrations belong to Kayti Designs all rights reserved. If you are looking for custom illustrations for your blog posts – contact me and lets talk.

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