Clean Bathrooms Aren’t Too Much To Ask For: I’m Asking

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Big families are not unusual for Latinos, but I never imagined having a big family.

I always assumed I’d have two kids, an immaculate self-cleaning home, and a very fast car! Fast forward to reality, and here I am with five kids. I never got the self-cleaning home and my vehicle is a beat up mini-van that surely should be put to rest.  With a house full of boys, potty-training kids, and a team of therapists, our bathroom traffic could pay the rent if  I simply installed a coin operated door lock! Still, I love my complicated life and try to find Simple Solutions! One of the benefits of a big family is that we have more team members. During the last two weeks I was very sick and my Antonio broke his wrist and arm! My poor boy.  I think he expected to get out of doing chores.  That wasn’t going to happen. He can’t take out the garbage, but he can still clean bathrooms!

#MiFabuloso Clean Bathrooms #shop

Fabuloso is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner!  It can clean bathrooms, toilets, floors, and mirrors! Yes! It leaves a streak-free clean!

#shop #mifabuloso clean bathrooms

#shop #mifabuloso clean bathrooms

As you can see, he had a little attitude about it at first.  Clean bathrooms aren’t too much to ask for! I’m asking. After a couple of wipes, he realized that mirror was pretty clean! He looked at me with a suprised expression and asked, “what’s in this stuff?!” I replied, “Magic! Isn’t it Fabuloso?!” He smirked and tried to pretend that wasn’t funny. It was!

#shop #mifabuloso clean bathrooms

I had a little moment when I was watching him clean the bathroom.  When Antonio was little he couldn’t say Fabuloso. Like many little kids, he loved to help mommy clean.  (Many years ago!) “Can I spray the Oso?!” he used to ask me.  Yea, we’ve been using Fabuloso for that long! Despite those “typical-teen moments,” he makes me very proud! Look at #MiFabuloso hijo rocking a pink cast for Cancer Awareness!


Poor son! He got his full arm hard cast today, in pink! He did it for #Cancer #awareness. What an uncomfortable position but he’s a trooper! Even with his own pain, he’s tried very hard today to help me with mine of pain from illness this week #Asthma. He’s still there for me. Feeling lucky! #sons #momofmultiples #momofboys #parenting #sportsinjury #proudmom Let’s find a cure for Cancer!

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I always have my bottles of Fabuloso cleaner.  I pour a little into a spray bottle and dilute.

#shop #mifabuloso clean kitchens

#shop #mifabuloso clean kitchens

#shop #mifabuloso clean kitchens

#shop #mifabuloso clean kitchens

Getting MORE for your money is pretty cool, too!

Fabuloso is available in a twin pack of 56 ounce bottles, right now at Walmart for just $4.87 per Twin Pack! Now that’s a deal! That’s 40% more than competitor sizes!

#shop #mifabuloso clean bathrooms

#MiFabuloso #shop Clean Bathrooms

Food or Fabuloso.  If it’s not one, then it’s the other.  That’s what home smells like! When is the first time you “sprayed the Oso?”

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  1. MamiCool says:

    Great parenting Alicia, it is important to teach accountability to our children and also great cleaning habits. Cleaning the bathroom used to be my shore at home when I was a kid, waiting for my kids to be old enough so I can hand it to them. Btw, you are right, the Fabuloso gives a streak-free clean! #client

  2. Jyn says:

    I like the new Pine FAbuloso better!

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