Easiest Captain America Cake Decoration: Plus TEN $100 Gift Cards Giveaway

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Of course, I think my kids are superheroes.  

I love that they think they are too!  Andres has been asking to see the just released movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Kaitlyn frequently shouts out, “I’m a superhero,” at random times.  My favorite part is when she looks at me and says, “you’re a superhero too, mommy!”  She makes me believe that. Enrique loves to defend his younger siblings against bad, with his make-believe shields and big imagination.  For sometime, none of them participated in imaginative play.  For children with Autism, learning to pretend is a major milestone.  It melts my heart to see them engage in make-believe discussion and play. Superheroes like Captain America are so important to a child’s development.  In order for kids to accomplish their dreams, they have to believe in them.  That’s why I do my best to encourage their imaginations.  So, the other day I whipped up the easiest Captain America cake, ever! I told the kids that heroes eat M&M’s and broccoli. I was really nervous about making the cake.  I never spend a lot of money on my experiments.  That’s exactly what this cake was, because I had no idea how it would turn out.  Luckily, there is a pretty awesome $5.00 OFF  coupon for M&M’s® and the new Captain American Movie, available at Walmart.

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias

You can also visit heroeseatmms.com to take fun quizzes to see which super hero or M&M you and the kids are! You have plenty of time because decorating the cake was quick and easy! First, I sorted the M&M colors into different containers.

#HeroesEatMMs #shop #CollectiveBias


I used a simple and yummy vanilla cake mix (from a box). You can use any flavor cake mix you want! Or, make your own.  I do suggest a white frosting.

#HeroesEatMMs #shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

I frosted the entire cake and the handled part of a hamburger patty shaper.  Starting from the outside edge, I arranged M&M’s around the cake.  This helps to give you an instant visual of how much space you’ll have, to add the inner circles.  For our Captain America cake, I used two circled rows of blue M&M’s on the outside.  I left about an equivalent amount of space as a circle of frosting.  Then I added a blue circle of M&M’s in the center. I cut a small star out of parchment paper, and placed it in the center of the cake. Voila! The easiest, ever, superhero cake: Captain America!

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

#HeroesEatMMs #shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

I couldn’t believe that the kids loved the shield almost as much probably even more than the cake.  They told me to put Captain America in the tree. So, I did.

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

#HeroesEatMMs and Broccoli

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

Every child should imagine and reach for the stars!

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias

Their smiles made me feel like a superhero, too!

#HeroesEatMMs #Shop CollectiveBias Captain America


#HeroesEatMMs #Shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

This really is, the easiest Superhero cake, ever! Perfect.

#HeroesEatMMs #shop #CollectiveBias Captain America

If you use the awesome $5.00 OFF  coupon for M&M’s® and the new Captain American Movie, available at Walmart, you could make your own cake for a superhero movie night without stretching the budget at all! Remember to visit http://heroeseatmms.com/ to see what superhero and M&M character you are! #CollectiveBias

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  1. Mari says:

    Great job mom!!!! Everything looked awesome and your son’s smile was priceless!

  2. @n210ss says:

    I am YELLOW! Like Yellow, you often have your head up in the clouds. You and Yellow are very much dreamers. THIS IS SO TRUE!

  3. @n210ss says:

    I am the HULK! Like Hulk, you are smart, resourceful, and curious. Again this is so true!

  4. Jenna Wood says:

    Wow, I could really eat that hamburger patty shaper…wait…Okay, I’ll take a slice of cake! Now I want to see the inside, and now I need to go grab some M&Ms (we were already grabbing the movie!)

  5. asthebunnyhops2013 says:

    Of course you’re a super hero! (Even without the cake.) :) #client

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