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This post has been sponsored in partnership with Eureka.  All opinions are my own.

Our #SimpleSolutions chat this week was about chores!

We talked about the ones we don’t mind and the ones we hate.  There were a lot of different opinions about the hardest room to keep clean. Aside from laundry, my own biggest battle isn’t really a specific room.  It’s spills I know that one day keeping the house clean will be a breeze, right? With five kids in my home, there are certainly enough people to manage the load.  The problem is, we’re not quite there yet. With four-year-old triplets, spills are my biggest chore.  Every day. All day. They spill on the floor.  They spill on the counters.  They spill on the carpet.  Ironically, a lot of the spills occur when they are helping me clean!

Last year I went through four vacuums.

I finally found a vacuum that I loved! I just hated replacing it every three months.  Actually, that’s not the only thing I hated about it.  I hated having to vacuum twice every time I used it.  I would always have to vacuum the carpet once and then use tools along the baseboards because it had really poor edge cleaning.  I also had to practically disassemble the thing to use the tools.  I guess I thought that was all normal.  When Eureka offered to send me their new AirSpeed ALL FLOORS to review, I jumped on the opportunity.  I had nothing to lose, right?  As soon as my Eureka arrived, I tested it out along the baseboards.  I couldn’t believe it! I did NOT have to vacuum twice.  I’ve been wasting all my time on a chore that could have just been done the right way, the first time, if I’d only had the right equipment.  

Switch between floors and tools with the turn of a dial!

#Sponsored #EurekaPower Clean Dial

From baseboards to ceilings, #EurekaPower has you covered!

#sponsored #EurekaPower Clean Versatility

Save time and money with a washable filter!

#sponsored #EurekaPower Clean Filter

You might as well take care of the dusting while you’re at it!

#Sponsored #EurekaPower duster

The Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS boasts these great features, too!

  • Based on independent testing, Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS cleans carpets better than the Dyson DC41.
  • With the tap of your foot, you can turn the brush roll on and off to switch quickly from carpets floors to wood, tile, and linoleum.
  • The patented AirSpeed Technology takes you from a panicked, “oh no!” to a confident, “#bringiton!” when it comes to spills.
  •  The Smooth-Glide pivoting base makes it easy to push across carpets – while giving you a deep clean that is superior.
  • The on board mini brush roll attachment is perfect for cleaning your furniture.
  • Unlike most other vacuums, Eureka AirSpeed ALL FLOORS’ AirSpeed Technology uses an efficient floor-to-cup airpath with limited twists and turns that decreases the distance dust needs to travel and increases airflow, providing maximum suction power.

The triplets keep spilling! Now I’m saying, #bringiton!

Let me guess…now you want one, too? Okay. Eureka wants to give you one!

In fact, Eureka was kind enough to give TWO AirSpeed ALL FLOORS to our Readers!  Our first Giveaway was during this week’s #SimpleSolutions chat.  Help us Congratulate DAWN HARRIS of Mama Harris’ Kitchen!


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By:  Alicia Gonzalez


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  1. I have two dogs and a cat, and my current vacuum is sooo old!

  2. Ada Gherkin says:

    I want to win because my apartment gets full of hair

  3. Oh I would love this vacuum! We have a mix of hardwood floors and carpet and would be so great to vacuum both with this vacuum! I also love that it does not use vacuum bags…that would be so great to not have to buy those! And with 3 dogs….I think it would be great with the dog hair!

  4. Roxy Meto says:

    I love that AirSpeed Technology moves more air and removes more dirt

  5. Julia Frank says:

    I like that it deep cleans all types of floors.

  6. like Having the hose part to be able to do our carpet stairs. We are in need of something for our stairs and this would be great!!

  7. Sah Jau says:

    I love the airspeed technology on this. I love that this is all floors!

  8. Angela says:

    I want this vacuum because I don’t have one!

  9. Nancy Brett says:

    I like that it Never Loses Suction so amazing.

  10. I love that it can do hardwood! I need to vacuum tiles all of the time!

  11. You know why I want it ? The fact that it vacs all surfaces but that it has soft RUBBER wheels so has less efforon surfaces. Most vacs have harder wheels that get damaged on cement, etc. Should be more durable!

  12. Emmie Victor says:

    I really need a powerful vacuum cleaner like this ! with all amazing feature !

  13. Femto Femto says:

    Thank you for this great giveaway , and it will be so great gift to my mom for Easter and mother’s day thanks .

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