#SimpleSolutions TWITTER CHAT: TUESDAYS – 1pm PST/4pm EST

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There is so much to Discuss in this 24/7 Modern World! Debate has it’s place.  We don’t deny that.  Here, we’re all about intellectually stimulating topics that effect us all!  We take them head on and engage people in meaningful discussion.  When we agree to disagree, we do so, at least, a little more informed.  Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to bully!  We see so much of that in Social Media and 24/7 Modern Mom™ wants no part of it! We draw the line with NO exceptions!  You will be kicked to the curb and talking to the hand if you attack others.

That means, you can feel safe to share your thoughts in 24/7 Modern Mom™ chats and know that your right to express your own opinions will be defended!  All are welcome! 

 Open discussion of any topic, brand, or person does not constitute a 24/7 Modern Mom™ endorsement.


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