24/7 Modern Mom was born as a result of an unexpected pregnancy.  Alicia and her husband were a small family of 2 people.

Following the birth of two sons, Alicia and her husband became a small family of 4.  The unexpected pregnancy blessed the small family with spontaneous triplets; two boys, and one girl.

The small family became a big family of 7.  24/7 Modern Mom was born, both literally and figuratively.


Simple Solutions for Complicated Lives

(plus a little fun and learning along the way)

Life is complicated! We really get it! As parents, we’re experts at multitasking, juggling, and rotating priorities. We live a complicated journey. 24/7 Modern Mom is here to help you with all the short-cuts, hacks, tips, resources, and simple solutions! From Lifestyle, Food, DIY, Parenting, Tech, and Travel, to Entertainment, we’ve got you covered!

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Alicia Gonzalez, a proud Latina of Puerto Rican – Italian combination, married to a Mexican, is the founder of 24/7 Modern Mom.  She’s full of spicy character and uses her love of speaking and inspiring to advocate for others, especially parents and children with special needs.  She was born and raised in New York. She currently resides in California with her husband and five fabulous children.

Alicia is also an Influencer, serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and an ABA Therapist for children with Autism. She is also the founder of ella Startups, a company that helps women entreprenuers build, develop, and grow startups. Alicia’s can also be found as @iamAliciaG on most social media platforms. Be sure to follow along to keep up with her enterpreneurial endeavors, speaking engagments, books, and courses.


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Lifestyle is all about living. It’s the people, places, & things in your daily life. It’s health & beauty. It’s managing your home & budget, & so much more!


From pregnancy to college, parening isn’t easy! Read about the ups and downs, joys and struggles, plus tips, tools, and resources for parenting children of all ages. Here, you will also find a lot of information for parents of children with special needs.


Great recipes for last-minute meals, party entrees, desserts, & Mexican Food, and more! Learn kitchen & cooking hacks. Enoy step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.


Find out about Casting Calls in your area! Plus, Events, Celebrity News & Interviews, Movies, TV Streaming, Music & more!


All things DIY! Need something simple & fun for the kids?  Easy crafts for the whole family! Simple home improvements, decor & more.

Travel & SF Bay Area

From the San Francisco Bay Area to across the globe, there’s nothing like experiencing a new place on the map. Get tips, resources, and lots of opionions about your favorite places around the globe.

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