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One of the biggest changes after the triplets were born was our (in)ability to go out as a family. Having a family outing was one of our favorite things to do. Once we had five children, even going through a drive-thru to grab a snack from the dollar menu felt like it broke the bank! Places that charge an admission fee, became almost always out of the question. Let’s say the fee is just $10.00.  It doesn’t seem like that much, but that’s $70.00 just for us to enter, plus what we would spend once inside.


The first picture above is a panorama picture I took while out on a recent family outing. The view was breathtaking and it didn’t cost us one penny! My van has plenty of cosmetic issues and it’s a very old model, but my life wouldn’t be the same without it. So, I try to keeping it running well. It gives me the freedom to spend quality time with my family, explore, adventure with them, and be spontaneous. An engine is to a car what a heart is to the body. So, can you guess what the oil is to a car? Yep, it’s equivalent to what needs to pump through the body to keep the heart going.

I love my family. When I take my van for maintenance, such as an oil change, I have to feel confident that the service people are knowledgeable and reliable. So, I go to the Walmart Auto Care Center. They never let me down. That’s means my van won’t let me down and I won’t let my family down. I might not be able to shower my family with expensive outings, but I can still take them on experiences they’ll never forget! The workers at Walmart ACC are professional and care about giving you the right information to make good choices about your vehicle’s maintenance. Also, they’re fast! While you’re waiting, you can pick up any items you might need for your car to freshen it up, and be sure to grab some extra oil. You should always have extra. Family_Outings-12





This is the Quaker State oil our Walmart service person recommended, and it perfect for us! It feels so productive to get a great vehicle service and be able to pick up anything I need, all while I wait. Plus, I can peak in and see how things are going!

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Now that my van is ready to hit the road with the people I love most in this world, I’m ready to adventure. It feels great to get such affordable and effective service. Let the fun, begin!

1. Make Memories with a Visit to see Friends


2. Cuddle with cuteness — Visit an Animal Shelter


3. Check out a Theatre event at local school or community center.


4. Play sports at the park!


5. Watch a school or community sporting event.


6. Mascot Madness: Explore the town on a fun hunt for a team, brand, or Season Mascot!


7. Community Career Day: Explore different jobs in your community and experience what “a day in the life” would be like.


8. Surprise someone who gives back to their community!


9. Sightsee at the tourist attractions in your own town!


10. Go Window-Shopping!


See, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a day out with the family. That’s why I rely on my #CambioConfiable! I have confidence in getting my oil changed at Walmart Auto Care Center and trusting them to get my vehicle ready for my family! Try it! It’s so convenient, you’re going to thank me!

What are your favorite no-cost family outings?

By: Alicia Gonzalez