hellas-multimedia-free-birthday-clip-art1.     SCAVENGER HUNT DESTINATION PARTY

This is a super fun adventure for all ages.  Leave clues at specific locations to lead the party attendees to the next clue. You can also take pictures of specific scavenger hunt items can be sent by text to the party host. As each attendee completes their scavenger list, release the location details to them.  Get creative and have fun.  There are endless possibilities with this one!



This party is perfect for parents who are already struggling with finding space to store their current inventory of toys. Each attendee brings 2 or 3 toys that they no longer use.  Manage the exchanges like a White Elephant gift exchange party.  Everyone goes home with something new! This is fun for all ages.  You can even have the adults participate with household items.  Think of all the valuable teaching moments you’ll get with this party theme.



This super fun party helps kids think about their future! The children write down 10 goals to achieve before next-year’s party.  Have the kids work in teams to come up with plans for each person to reach their goals.  Seal each individual list in an envelope. Place the sealed envelopes in a large plastic zip bag.  Then dig a ditch to store the goal-seeds. Reveal the lists and results of everyone’s list at next year’s party!



Pick a charity and have guests bring items to donate to the charity.  Guests can also solicit donations from their friends, neighbors, and classmates.  Arrange delivery or pickup with the charity beforehand. Have all of the children participate in the giving! Teach children at a young age to appreciate the things they have.  There are always children with less, even compared to a child who has little. Instill these values in your children while they are young, so that they will live by them as adults.



Guests bring items to sell in the garage sale.  As party favors, give each guest a piggy bank from a dollar-themed store.  Split the garage sale proceeds between the children.  Give the children the option to keep their respective shares or to pull their resources together to plan another gathering.  Great for parents and super exciting for kids!


This is a super fun teamwork-themed day! Decide on whether your garden will be indoor or outdoor. Have each guest bring a starter plant, according to the garden location, and a small rock collection.  Have the children plant their gardens.  Choose a different color for each rock collection. Have the children draw a color from a bag. The children paint their rocks the color of their draw-bag win. Throughout the year, remind the children of the similarities between friendships and gardens.  They both need nurturing!


This is the perfect party for people who don’t celebrate birthdays or just love get-togethers!  Get a group of people who agree to participate in this year-round celebration.  One person hosts the first party.  In a cake, pastry, or bread, bake a baby figure into the dish.  The person who gets the slice of food with the baby hosts the next party.  Reduce expenses and stress by doing all the parties as a pot-luck.  Enjoy the celebrations, year-round!



Get the whole family active with a sports-themed “Field Day.”  Each guest can choose a sport or out-door game and bring the supplies for their choice.  Potato bag race, soccer game, relay race, and impromptu parade area all excellent choices.  Come up with your own creative ideas for active fun.  As party favors, give the attendees small trophies, medals, or certificates. They will be so ready for nap time by the end of the day.  Yes, even the older kids!



Invite each guest to showcase their talent!  Encourage kids to be proud to be different and supportive of their friends.  As party favors, give each performer a certificate of achievement.  If you decide to make this party an annual event, start each new party with a video of the previous year’s performances.  Get the adults involved too!  The kids will love it.


10.     CRAFT DAY

Each guest brings the supplies for a craft project.  Set up stations for each kid to complete their adult-supervised activity.  Get creative.  Encourage expression and detail of work.  Help the children create things with their special mark of individuality.  Have each child do at least two crafts.  They can each keep one.  Use the other craft to exchange with the other attendees as party favors!  Teamwork is key for cleanup!