Living Young


Four-year-old triplets help keep me living young.

I spend my day trying to keep up with five kids.  They are 14, 10, 4, 4, & 4 years old.  Among the many other blessings they bring me, they also keep me living young. Even if you don’t have Preschool aged triplets to chase after, you can still embrace your youthful spirit as you’re getting older.  Our bodies react to happy! They do.  Many of us mature people associate youth with impulsiveness, irresponsibility, an expected level of ignorance, and the time before one enters the real world.  We’re overwhelmed with the daily to-do lists, endless responsibilities, and often jaded by the things we do know about life; reality.  Getting older is a physical evolution.  Yet, it becomes a psychologically downward spiral for many of us.  Living young doesn’t just awake our youthful spirits, it enhances our physical state, both in overall health and appearance.

Here are 19 tips to keep living young.

  1. PLAY Jump on a swing to fly as high as you can, have a water balloon fight, blow bubbles, kick a soccer ball, or toss a softball.  You could build a fort, play a video game, or just jump on the bed.
  2. LAUGH Sometimes our maturity robs us of our humor and our funny bone goes into retirement.  There are lots of things that maybe we shouldn’t laugh at, but we also shouldn’t over complicate it.  Just let your laughter get the best of you! Don’t worry about whether or not it’s okay, the right time, or about your present company when you get your giggle on.  It’s okay to laugh.  It’s a good thing.
  3. SHOP Get yourself a new outfit! Try something you’d never wear and just go for it! Step out of your fashion comfort zone.  Double dare yourself to get the look! 
  4. CHOP Cut your hair into a chic short style. Have you always had short hair? Let it down and let it grow.  Challenge yourself to rock a style you’ve never had before, or at least one you haven’t shown off in a while.
  5. DANCE Get on the dance floor, even if that’s just the carpet in your living room, the tile in your kitchen, or the grass on your lawn! Move your body, feel the music, and let loose.  Sway to the left and sway to the right.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try a hip thrust!
  6. DRIVE Get in the car, destination unknown, and just go! Get out of the house and just explore.
  7. EAT It’ important to watch our diets, but we can still enjoy a little junk food, milk out of the jug, peanut butter straight from the jar, and cake for breakfast.  In moderation, and be careful the kids don’t bust you, but dig into something yummy!
  8. CALL Get on the phone with a friend and chat about nothing.  Not every phone call needs a specific purpose.
  9. SWEAR I’m not saying you should turn into a vulgar knucklehead.  Just don’t bite your tongue all the time.  It’s okay to just say it, sometimes.  You might be surprised at how good it feels.  Be careful you don’t make it a damn habit.
  10. CRUSH Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married, get your crush on!  If you’re single, declare your crush, if you’re in a relationship, remember why you first starting crushing, and if you’re married, get back to crushing on your spouse! Butterflies in your tummy is an awesome living young experience!
  11. CREATE Get creative.  Even if you aren’t artistic, connect with your creative side and make something new!
  12. DREAM Take a moment to daydream! Think about all the things that make you smile and imagine life just the way you want it!
  13. BELIEVE Don’t ever think it’s “too late.”  Believe that life can change in a moment and dreams do come true. Let go of your cynical objections and open your mind to the possibilities.
  14. INSIST Have convictions and insist on changing the world! You still can.
  15. LEARN Take on a new hobby, interest, or even take the ultimate risk on a career change! Enjoy the process of learning.  No matter how much we know, it will always be less than what we don’t know.
  16. DISOBEY Rules are important and responsibilities serve a purpose but sometimes you just have to do what you want. Sometimes, it’s okay to break the rules.  The world might not end.  The other day when I was getting my nails done, I couldn’t help but to notice two women eyeing each other from across the room.  It looked like they knew each other but were hesitant to say hello.  Finally, one of the women came over to the woman sitting next to me.  “So, are you off today?” asked the woman.  “No, I called in sick and came to do my nails!” The other woman burst into laughter and said, “Ohhhh. My Gawwwd! Me too!” Both of their faces were red and they were laughing so loud all the other customers looked their way.  I cracked up too.  It was the highlight of my day.
  17. GET SOCIAL Meet new people.  Make new friends. Re-connect with old ones.  
  18. BE SELFISH It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.  Reward yourself without guilt.  Be convinced that you deserve it and occasionally, act like the world revolves around you! 
  19. REMEMBER  Look through old pictures, letters, and videos.  Reminisce about the good times and let them.  Share the memories with your friends and family.  Tell someone you love something they might not know about you.  Be grateful for best and worst moments.  They made you who you are.  

It’s true, we never stop getting old. Here’s to always living young!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez