This post has been sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my own. 6 Things Parents of Babies and Young Children Need on Hand

Did I tell you all that my oldest son, Antonio, turned 18 a couple months ago? Nope. I didn’t. You know why? Because, it’s hard. I didn’t even post about it on Facebook. Parents spend an entire pregnancy, the next eighteen years raising their children, and then some. But the moment the 18 years hit, we’re chopped liver. I couldn’t even make a doctor’s appointment for Antonio. All the memories come flooding back. It’s not just about how much the children need us, but also the world that relies on parents as the responsible party. That part is over. While there are many things to look forward to, it’s been a hard adjustment. Antonio got sick and when I called the advice nurse, I almost lost it. She wouldn’t talk to me. She told me to have my “adult son” call back if he needed advice.

I have this picture hanging on my wall in the hallway. I’m a mess, every time I look at it. My baby is not a baby, anymore. Lately, I’ve been trying to just hold on to all the good memories, laughs and many stories. I’m on uncharted territory for me as the mom of an adult.

I’ll always see his inner child.

Since he’s my first child, he taught me a lot about parenting. For example, I learned that it’s always best to swaddle a baby in a towel as soon as you remove baby from the bath. If the little bottom isn’t covered, you might get pooped on, right in your hands. When children are hungry, every behavior can occur. Crying. Screaming. Tantrums. Chaos, No matter how much you swear you’ll only be gone for five minutes, there will be times those five minutes turn into five hours. Raising children is expensive. It’s best to save money. That doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing, especially on quality, but one better learn to save! Plus, there are some items you need to always have on hand. You never know when you’ll need to run out the door without notice, stay longer than planned, or forget the diaper bag.

6 Things Parents of Babies and Young Children Need on Hand




  • Healthy Snacks. 

For parents and kids, snacks should always be on hand. In your car, at home and in the bag, this will save you time and time again! Parent’s Choice from Walmart has over 275 products, from bedding to diapers, wipes and more! They even have water.

  • The EXTRA bag. 

Whether you have an infant or children of all ages, like I do, you need an extra bag in your car. It’s a backup. You’ll need it. I promise. Check and restock it every week. Believe me, you will forget that diaper bag. You will find yourself in an unexpected situation. You’ll be extremely grateful to have that extra change of clothes already in your car. When Antonio was little, there were so many times his clothes were ruined from a diaper changing disaster or vomiting and I was forced to take his clothes off, leaving him with just a diaper and swaddled in a blanket. Learn from my mistakes.

  • Wipes 

You will find yourself wishing you had this, the moment you don’t. It always used to happen to me. Like all the things on this list, it’s something you want to have access to, no matter where you are! At home, in the car, and on-the-go. These are not just great for hands, faces and bottoms. They’re perfect for surfaces and spills, too!


  • Hand Sanitizer 

My triplets were born as micro-preemies at just 29 weeks. I wouldn’t let anyone even look at them without putting hand sanitizer on, first. I didn’t want them to get sick. Of course, you can’t prevent everything, but having yourself, friends, family and older children in the habbit of using sanitizer for those times you aren’t able to wash your hands can help keep a family healthy.


  • Water

Never run out of water. Have you ever had a plumbing problem? There is nothing worse than not being able to turn on the water for a period of time. This will always happen at the worst time. While out with your baby, has your baby ever had a diaper accident that wipes alone couldn’t fix? I remember countless occassions when all of my children had pooped all the way up to their backs, and there weren’t enough wipes in the world. It’s bath time, right there, wherever you are, right now.

  • Entertainment 

Whether you have an infant, toddler or teen, keep entertainment readily available. This is especially important in the car and at appointments. Toys, books, videos and crayons, are some simple solutions, depending on your children’s ages.

Remember to keep all of these things in your “extra bag.” I can’t say this enough! Even if your babies aren’t babies anymore, these tips are simple solutions for all ages!


Oh, who is that beautiful baby girl? It’s my niece! She just turned 9-months. Time sure flies. Her mom said she didn’t like these snacks. I didn’t believe it. I was right!

She loved them. LOVED them! I sent her home with a bag full of Parent’s Choice product.

The Parent’s Choice line includes dozens of new baby food flavors and varieties, including more options with protein:

o Chicken Noodle and Cheesy Potatoes with Pork Loin ($0.98)

o Organic Brown Rice and Beans Pouch Puree ($0.82)

o Parent’s Choice Organic Melts ($2.24)

Having five children has taught me to appreciate SAVINGS. Of course, I don’t want to give up quality. I started using various Parent’s Choice products years ago. By spring 2018, they’ll transition to non-GMO baby formula. They know their customers are families, and there’s nothing more important than family!

What things would you add to this list? Share in the comments!