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7 Gift Ideas for Santa

Sometimes, the Holidays stink. It’s not like I’m a Scrooge, but I am a mom. As wonderful and magical as the Holiday Season can be, it also just stinks, sometimes. Schedules that are even more strained than normal, stink. Crazy inch-your-way-down-the-freeway traffic, stinks. Ten times the dirty dishes and no dishwasher, stinks. Then there is the regular day-to-day stink! You know, like when your teen takes his soccer cleats off in the car, even though you’ve asked him 3,291 times to wait until he gets home. Or, when that same stinking teen throws his icky uniform on top of his clean clothes pile, and even though you should know better — you pick up it and take a deep whiff to see if it’s dirty or clean. Stinks! Take Santa, for instance. He has the best job in the world, but I’m guessing he has his stinky moments, too. I have a feeling his sleigh stinks, most of all! Sweaty teens are stinky enough. Can you just imagine what sweaty reindeer smell like? Lucky for Santa, the triplets have thought about this and came up with a great solution. (Check out the DIY Tutorial below!) We all have those life stinks moments. Still, that doesn’t mean they have to ruin our Holiday Moments! 

I absolutely love being out and about during the Holidays. Everyone looks happier. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like people, as in complete strangers, smile bigger, say hello more often, and actually hold the door open for you! Did I mention how much I love the Holidays? We have a lot of little Holiday traditions. One of my favorite traditions is coming up with new and creative gift ideas (or snacks) for Santa! I remember one year when Pedro was convinced that Santa was going to get diabetes from eating so many cookies. Pedro refused to leave any cookies for Santa. Instead, Pedro left him a salad with a long note, listing out his concerns for Santa’s health. This is the first year the triplets really understand enough to participate in the planning for Santa’s arrival. I’m so excited, because Pedro finally “outgrew” those magical times.

The other day, the triplets decided that Santa is too busy to eat cookies with milk at our house, so they made me promise we’ll make Santa a to-go snack. I also told them that Mommy is really busy at this time of year, too. In fact, I’ve been so busy, I just didn’t cook dinner this week.

Hello, Costco! And, thank you! Thank you for the enormous $10.00 pizza that’s always ready in a zip. Thank you for the delicious deli platters and gorgeous produce. Thank you for selling products in quantities that are big enough for my family. Thank you for the many years we’ve been together. Oh, and thank you for the amazing gas prices you offer to your members! 

I would give up my favorite shoes before I’d ever give up my Costco membership. Just down the street from Costco, the gas was SEVENTY CENTS MORE, PER GALLON!

Gift Ideas from Costco

Costco just makes life better, all the way around! Stinky car? No problem! Stock up on Febreze CAR!

Gift Ideas for Santa-13

Stinky uniform? No worries! Stock up on Downy Unstopables in-wash SCENT BOOSTER.

Gift Ideas for Santa-1

Gift Ideas for Santa-2

Stinky dishes? No worries! Stock up on Dawn Platinum Advanced Power. It powers away 48 hours stuck on food, in seconds!

Gift Ideas for Santa-3

There will always be life-stinks moments, but there’s usually a solution, especially at Costco! Now how about a solution for what to give to Santa?

7 Gift Ideas for Santa on his trip around the world…

  1. Eye glasses cleaner for when his lenses fog up
  2. A flashlight just in case Rudolph, well, you know…
  3. A map back to the North Pole, in case he loses his GPS signal
  4. Some jelly beans since the Easter Bunny doesn’t deliver to the North Pole
  5. A pillow so he can ride comfortably
  6. Hand sanitizer so he can eat his snacks
  7. A NEW SLEIGH SCENT air freshener for his stinky sleigh

Here’s how to make one!


  • A clear plastic DIY ornament
  • tinsel
  • styrofoam
  • Downy Unstoppables
  • decorative clings
  • a piece of paper folded together and taped to use as a funnel

Gift Ideas for Santa-4

Crumble some styrofoam and mix with Downy Unstoppables. Mix. Add the mixture into your ornament using your paper funnel. Add tinsel. Replace ornament top. Use a fork to create a larger opening in the ornament top to let the NEW SLEIGH SCENT smell out! Shake and mix. Apply Holiday clings to the outside of your ornament. Viola! Santa will be impressed!

Gift Ideas for Santa-5

Gift Ideas for Santa-6

Gift Ideas for Santa-7

Gift Ideas for Santa-9

Gift Ideas for Santa-10

Gift Ideas for Santa-11

Gift Ideas for Santa-15

Gift Ideas for Santa-14

What are your Costco must-haves? Share in the comments!

By: Alicia Gonzalez