Life lessons take a while to learn because people just have to learn things the hard way. Even when we know better, most of us repeat the same mistakes until finally, one day, we don’t. These are some of my favorite life lessons, and they’re great enough that even Oprah has made a point of sharing them over the years.

Life Lessons

1. Seriously, believe people the first time. This is one of my favorite life lessons.

People will do us dirty over and over again. It doesn’t have to be like that. Oprah and Maya had a great talk about believing people the first time. Check it out!

2. It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty.

Life lessons about optimism aren’t always cut and dry. We’re so concerned with the glass, we forget that we’re sitting in front of an entire pitcher. Fill up your glass!

3. The truth will set you free, or not!

“Make the choice every day to exemplify honesty, because the truth exonerates and it convicts. It disinfects, and it galvanizes. The truth has always been and will always be our shield against corruption. The truth is our saving grace.” Oprah

4. No one is going to save you.

This is one of the hardest life lessons for people to learn. Too often, we’re trying to save someone we love, waiting for someone to save us or refusing to save ourselves. We are responsible for our lives.

5. Success is doing your soul’s work.

I want to inspire people, make them smile and be of service. While I’ve had many roles over the years, they all lead back to this.

“Do the work that comes straight from the soul of you…” Oprah

6. Trust your instincts.

7. Relax.

We’re in such a hurry for success or just to make it through the day, that we can’t relax. It’s a shame too, because all the stress, anxiety and fear still doesn’t change the outcome. I wanted to really help you all understand why this is one of the greatest life lessons. So, I’m sharing Oprah’s “Note to Self,” and you just might want to grab a tissue.

What are your favorite life lessons? Share in the comments!