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After School Snacks #shop #collectivebias
My favorite after school snacks are the ones kids can make themselves!

Antonio started his first day of High School last Thursday.  My heart breaks a little as I mourn for my (once) little baby. He is growing up and turning into a young man.  I’ve always told him I’m not raising him to be a grown kid.  We have enough of them in the world. I’m raising him to be a grown man.  With that comes an entire new world of responsibilities. Kids aren’t ready to be thrown into adulthood without a steady level of increasing responsibilities, so that their transition into their adult lives is as smooth as it can be.  I try to empower my children so that they will be able to take care of themselves as they head off to college and begin the journey into their futures.  Letting Antonio be in charge of after school snacks for himself and his siblings is not only a great way to teach him those necessary life skills, it removes one thing from my own long lists of things-to-do in the day.  In other words, as his baby face disappears, taking on manly features, accompanied by a deep voice, I’m more happy than I am sad.  I’m also proud! He’s not quite ready to cook homemade lasagna, but he does just fine with his favorite quick snacks!

I don’t mind dicing up a few toppings to have ready for him when he gets home from school.

Okay, I confess.  Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and cheese are staple items in my house.  Of course, most of you already know that.  There are few nights that I don’t have this little setup anyway.  They are the perfect toppings for Delimex Taquitos.  Add a little guacamole or simply sliced avocado with sour cream, and these after school snacks are fit for a teen!

After School Snacks Garnishes

After School Snacks Avocados #Shop

Remember all those paperless coupons I was telling you about recently? Well, Walmart has paperless coupon savings on the Delimex Taquitos and the Bagel Bites right now! Quick snacks on sale that the kids can make themselves?  This is every mom’s dream!

After School Snacks Aisle #shop

Hmmm…. Let’s see if it gets the hungry teen approval. Here he goes….

After School Snacks Antonio #Shop

Whoa! I swear to you, I taught this child to chew his food. I did. He’s inhaling these delicious creations.  

After School Snacks #shop

Awwww.  Now he’s embarrassed. He really loves his after school snacks.

After School Snack Antonio #shop

He didn’t even save any for the triplets! That’s okay, they got to have these! Cheese Bagel Bites are made with real cheese and cook in the microwave in minutes! I topped them with some chicken chunks and they were ready to eat.

After School Snacks #shop Bagel Bites

Let us know how you top off your after school snacks! Do you eat them as-is or do you chef them up a bit? If you enjoyed these #SimpleSolutions #AfterSchoolSnacks ideas in partnership with #CollectiveBias, we’d love for you to share them! Want more ideas? Check out these creative Bagel Bites ideas right HERE!

I’m so HAPPY he can MAKE HIS OWN after school snacks. He looks pretty happy about it, too!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez