WHO is, Alicia Gonzalez? Well, here is a bonus tidbit. Every day, I wake up and ask myself that same question. Specifically, who am I going to be, TODAY? That helps rid me of any worries of yesterday or tomorrow, and gets me focused on the one day that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, which is always the respective TODAY. We can’t change the past and we can’t guarantee our futures. So, I hold on tightly to every today I can get!

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The thing about me, Alicia Gonzalez, is that I’m ALWAYS REINVENTING myself. If you think that’s hard to keep up with, imagine being me. LOL.

Really though, I think we all are constantly reinventing ourselves our current self, based on past experiences, current lives, and future goals. Most people identify me as a mother. While I could not be prouder to be mom to my five amazing children, there is more to me than just being a mom. I was a child, a teen, a young adult and am many things to other people which have nothing to do with being a mom. When getting to know someone, there is nothing I love more than learning fun facts about a new person. So, I decided to share a few things with you, about me, Alicia Gonzalez, mom – plus all of this!

  1. I’m afraid of balloons. I mean, afraid of them popping. I can’t stand that.

  2. I can’t swim. I used to be able to swim, until I busted my two front top teeth in half during a swim class at Summer Camp. Traumatized?

  3. I learned to speak Spanish as an adult.

  4. Ten years ago, I was trying to be a Police Officer. (I did the written tests, trained for the physical test, and was ready to move forward, but my oldest son was so scared about it. He was little but I ended up walking away from that. I have a lot of respect for the Officers that put their lives on the line every day to protect US.)

  5. I’m a Real Estate Broker and used to teach Real Estate to people trying to get their licenses as agents and Brokers.

  6. I never attended 7th grade. I was homeless that year with my family. So, I went from 6th to 8th grade.

  7. I’m dyslexic and trying remember phone numbers is the HARDEST thing for me. I’m particularly talking about a number someone says and I have to dial right after. I do this weird thing. I take a mental photograph of the AREA CODE. I remember the first three digits, and continue to repeat the last four digits out loud. It’s a really weird process that my wacky brain has learned to follow.

  8. My mom went to cosmetology school when I was a young girl. She frequently made me her live wig, until my hair was shortened from my booty to my shoulders from all the practice cuts she gave me. I was not happy about that!

  9. Speaking of my mother, she also tried to pierce my ears when I was a little girl. I wanted her to do that. I begged her to do that. Then, right at the moment she was going to stick a needle into my frozen lobe, I ran from the house screaming that she was trying to kill me. I might have a flair for the dramatic.

  10. And regarding my dramatic tendencies – well, let’s call that therapy, coping skills, genius! Perhaps, the reason I’m still always reinventing myself is because of those years I spent pretending to be anyone I wanted to be. I had a hard life during some of my younger years and pretending helped me believe that anything is possible. It was a mental exercise. I practiced my skills often, especially on new people. I’m not talking about lies, but rather a personality. For example, if I was shy, I pretended to be out-going. If I was afraid, I pretended to be fearless. If I was unclear, I pretended to be certain. I still use these skills in my adult life to get myself from goal to goal. I play the part. 

  11. I also starred as Dorothy in a theater production of the Wizard of Oz during my High School years, for a traveling production company. If anyone wants to offer me an acting job, hit me up! Commercials? STARRING: Alicia Gonzalez, as that neurotic mom who lost her mind while folding the 18th load of laundry.

  12. I’m not sure I can remember all the places I lived, but there were many. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago? Oregon and California. I do not come from a Military family. The moving was just a part of my made-for-tv-like life as a child.

  13. When I was about 19 years old, I won a modeling/acting live-in training and top agent presentation package from an open audition event in San Diego. I declined because I was in-love with my at-the-time boyfriend.

  14. I like to wear red lipstick when I have to conquer, or when I’m feeling sad.

  15. I’ve had four pregnancies. Three resulted in emergency c-sections. The other resulted in emergency surgery because I was hemorrhaging during a sad miscarriage.

  16. I was a Cheerleader, Leadership member,  Student Council Member, Yearbook Committee, School Paper reporter, and ran for Student Body President in High School. I also lived on my own, worked full-time, paid my own rent and bills, while still attending my last years of high school.

  17. Sometimes I laugh so hard I spit my drink out with skunk-like range. Okay, that happens a lot more than it should! What can I say? I have a good sense of humor.

  18. When I was young, I wanted to be an Attorney, Reporter, Actress, Author, and Public Speaker. All of those dreams were tied to one passion: helping others.

  19. I once held a week-long Karaoke event in my local Starbucks as a marketing campaign I created for myself when I was working as a Loan Officer. It was a great way to get to know the many customers I saw every morning for years. I worked as a Loan Officer for less than a year, as a way to experience the counter-part of my Real Estate career.

  20. I have a love-hate relationship with the color Orange.

Share something with me in the comments that most people don’t know about you!

By: Alicia Gonzalez