My 7 year old son wrote the best letter to Santa Claus! He and his triplet siblings have Autism. There was a time I tried taking them to church, but my church doesn’t have childcare and people weren’t exactly very receptive to the kids’ screaming fits and running through the church during service. So, we don’t really go, for now. They watch bible stories from YouTube and I have a special bedtime routine with them. Still, I was in shock when I read Andres’ letter to Santa Claus. Also, I was cracking up!

Best Letter to Santa Claus

Also, keep in mind that I’m not the one who said this is the best letter to Santa Claus. Andres said…

It’s the best letter to Santa Claus, from a 7 year old!


He was so proud of himself for letting Santa know my rules. He said Santa would know if he was lying, so he wanted to tell the truth about mom’s rules. Too cute! He made his letter during one of his therapy sessions with his ABA Specialist. Then he put it in an envelope, sealed it, and placed it in the mailbox. He said it didn’t need a stamp because Santa’s helpers pick them up.

Um, okay!

best letter to santa claus mailbox

When he wasn’t looking, I managed to get the letter out of the mailbox. Well, he’s right! It’s his best letter to Santa Claus, yet!



best letter to Santa Claus content

best letter to santa claus from a 7 year old

Obviously, this is not his handwriting, but it’s his words! I can’t even pick a favorite part. There are just so many AMEN(s) and it was cracking me up. I don’t know where that even came from. Well, aside from that, which is just….idk, hilarious, I’m torn between three.

Don’t give me too much stuff please!


but please, on any circumstance do NOT give me a water gun because our mom can NOT stand water guns.


I love you and everybody including the people I don’t like.

For the most part, Autism is still hardest on Saturdays, but it’s also hard during the holidays. Well, it’s bittersweet. I love that they have come so far that they can actually enjoy the holidays and think of writing letters to Santa. This wasn’t always the case, though. It’s just started. Soon, it will be over and I will have gotten few chances to experience the holidays with them in the way I did with their older brothers.

They are growing up so fast and sometimes I feel sad and guilty that we haven’t been able to have some of typical experiences. For example, we haven’t had a Christmas tree in years. This will be the first year in five that we have a tree. The danger was just too much for them. They tried to eat the tree, climb the tree, chop the tree. There’s nothing they didn’t try to do to it before, so it was banned! I think they’re ready now, though!

It’s going to be a wonderful holiday season, and I will cherish Andres’ letter, forever! Kids are so fun. No matter the stress or struggles, they just make everything better.

Now, I need to get this letter to the North Pole! Don’t worry, the USPS actually has a whole “Letters from Santa” protocol. Check them out, HERE! So, your child can get an actual letter IN THE MAIL, from Santa. 

What is your favorite part about holidays with the kids? Do you have any special traditions? Please share in the comments!

By: Alicia Gonzalez