This post has been sponsored by JLAB. All opinions are my own. Best Portable Speaker: It’s All About That Bass


The year is coming to an end! Personally, before I think about new beginnings, I work on closure. So, I have quite a few things I try to get done at the end of the year. Cleaning and organization are definitely on top of the list. I don’t like to wait until the beginning of a new year to get things in order. I like to be prepared beforehand, so I can hit the ground running! When the days are shorter and it begins getting darker sooner, my energy decreases. I need something to keep me going, and that something is music! I love the JLAB  Crasher XL! Not only does it come in my favorite color, it’s magnificently built. If you are like me and you love bass, this little speaker is a winner!


Connect multiple speakers together for even bigger sound! The metal build Crasher XL blasts 30 watts for massive sound with JLab’s signature C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity), with three drivers and two passive subwoofers! It’s the best portable speaker for all your everyday needs!

best-portable-speaker-endbest-portable-speaker-rope-anchorbest portable speaker rope clip

The paracord + JLab clip is a thick woven cord that holds the weight of the speaker with ease. The clip allows you to easily adjust the length to hang securely just about anywhere, from tree branches to doorknobs. This extremely portable powerhouse is perfect in any room and on-the-go. The whole thing feels and looks like quality!

best portable speaker charger port

The charging port is tucked behind a sturdy but flexible rubber JLab logo, helping to keep dust and particles out of your connections. It provides 13 hours of playtime! You can use a wired connection or use the magic of Bluetooth 4.0, up to 30 feet away. Be ready to party. Anytime. Anywhere.

best portable speaker charger connect

Not too long ago, I actually owned the worst portable speaker! Sorry, but I can’t share what that was. In fact, it got recycled the same day I got it.

The best portable speaker for using around the house must have a built-in mic so that taking calls isn’t a hassle.

I hate those complicated ones! I can put it in my dining and still get great sound while I’m cleaning in my kitchen or in my living room. Normally I wouldn’t take a speaker into the bathroom while I’m cleaning, but the Crasher XL comes through, again! It is IPX6 rated, so it can endure pool splashes and even a rinse off! Yep, we’re good to clean the bathroom, too!

best portable speaker bass room


best portable speaker table

The truth is, we have quite a few portable speakers in my house. But this one is the best portable speaker I have, because I don’t have to worry about it. The kids are always borrowing it, dropping it, and even fighting over who gets to use it first. I can’t let them use some of the other ones I have because they’ll break with the first drop, for sure! This little beauty passed all the accidental drop tests my 7-year-old triplets have put it through! Even my husband loves this one. In fact, he claims that it’s his! We pretend along, but it’s mineI do have a solution, though! I think they all deserve their own!

best portable speaker table top

Also, the best portable speaker for my family isn’t only about quality, although that’s number one. It’s also about affordability! The Crasher XL is just $99.99 and if you sign up for the JLab email list, you can get 20% off your first purchase!

What is your must-have feature in a portable speaker?

By: Alicia Gonzalez