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I know what you’re thinking!  ¿Quién se cree que es? Right? How can I guarantee more happiness? Well, I’ve tested these tips I’m about to share, over and over again. Many of us somos madres, so we already have the instinctive worry.  We worry about about our children, our day tomorrow, our work, our home, our bills, and even the laundry.  We’re always in a hurry and spend many of our days just trying to sobrevivir! I’m not going to pretend that any of that will change in the near future.  It probably won’t, but I want to share how to make the best of it and squeeze every smile, laugh, and bit of happiness que todos los días nos brindan.  One of my biggest joys each day is being Pedro’s Hero! Little Pedro looks up to me and credits me for far more than I even deserve. Since my kids are die-hard soccer players, we relate a lot of lessons in life to lessons learned on the field. The shooter who scores the winning goal right before the sound of the end-of-game whistle is a hero, for sure.  But, the team is the real hero. No matter how good one player is, that star still needs their team.  Walt Disney Animation Studios has created the perfect family movie full of happiness, heroes, and life lessons.  Big Hero 6, on Disney Movies Anywhere now, and Blu-ray™ is available on Feb 24. It’s the perfect answer to my first tip for more happiness.

1. Have A Conversation

Because life is so busy, it’s easy to spend the day talking at the people around us, or just being talked at by them. Big Hero 6 gives you plenty of things to have a real conversation about.  Communication is an exchange of ideas, sharing, and listening. For more happiness in your life, have at least one real conversation each day!


2. Share A Moment

Whether it’s a locking of the eyes with your spouse, coffee with a friend, silly selfies with the kids, or just a hearty giggle, these are the moments that make it all worthwhile.  You all know I’m a huge advocate for me-time. That’s still important, but don’t forget that there is no sense in having it all, if you don’t have someone to share it with. Moments are our legacy.  Share a moment with someone, every day.



3. Find The Humor In Something That Isn’t Really Funny

Okay.  I get it.  You’re already running late. You’re about to run out the door when you realize you left your keys and your purse on the counter.  You run back in the house (luckily, before locking yourself out – yay!) and your daughter quickly follows behind you. Grab the keys, grab the purse, grab little-me’s hand, and run! Then – WHAM! The purse strap swings across the counter knocking over the glass of milk you repeatedly told your daughter to finish. There is glass everywhere and milk all over the floor.  You look at your daughter, bite your tongue, and begin to count. You make a mad dash for a wipe cloth and as you step into the center of the mess, you slip. Now you’re full of milk too, and your elbow is bleeding.  Maybe that wouldn’t be so terrible, but it’s bleeding all over the dry-clean-only outfit that had you feeling fierce, ten minutes ago. Find the humor. Now you’re probably thinking, “¡Esta mujer está loca!” No. I’m not crazy! You can do it. This is doesn’t seem funny at all, but it will. One. Day. So why not make the hard choice to laugh about it now? When we have those this-can’t-be-happening moments, we have a choice to make, right then. Are you going to cry about spilled milk? Just remember, if this were a scene in your favorite sit-com, you’d probably be laughing hysterically!

4. Get Spontaneous

Our lives are so often mandated by schedules, agendas, and chores. We can’t always change our plans, but we can throw something in the mix, each day. It doesn’t have to be a long adventure but make sure it’s something.  Changing things up help us feel more in control and less burdened by the unforgiving demands of daily routine.


5. Dance, Shake It Out, & Shake It Off

Seriously. Dance.  Don’t say you can’t dance. No one has to see you if you’re concerned about your outdated moves. Just get up and shake! Get your adrenaline going, your spirit soaring, and shake off any negative energy. You can dance in the shower, in the kitchen, in front of the dryer, or if you’re so bold, on the sideline of the soccer game.

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6. Team Up

Pick one thing each day to do as a Team! Cleaning, cooking, brainstorming, and even playing are all perfect options for implementing some teamwork. The real importance of team is the friendship, love, and happiness that is nurtured when we work together. Adults aren’t the only ones who get busy and feel the pressures of the day’s demands. Kids can feel that, too. That’s why it’s so important that we show them how to work together, and never feel alone. People need people. No matter how cliche, it’s true! There’s no better feeling in the world than being a part of something!

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By: Alicia Gonzalez