It’s harder than ever to reach a live representative!

Unemployment Call Log

I’m a Real Estate Broker.  When the economy was great and thriving, everyone wanted to get into Real Estate.  At that time, I was teaching through Anthony Schools & Kaplan University, all the courses required by the State of California, Department of Real Estate to get a Salesperson License and Broker License.   College students and well paid professionals from many industries flooded my class rooms.  For a few years, the enrollment was constant.  Doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers, CEOs, military Officers, and just about every other type of working citizen wanted on the Real Estate train!  You all know the story from here.  Crash. Bang. Boom.  Went the economy.  Many people went back to their real jobs, and most of the people who stayed in Real Estate were in it for the long haul already.  Many of them are still around.  Many of them lost their full time job and their Real Estate career.  They ended up in the Unemployment lines.

While record amounts of people lined the Unemployment offices, the major reconstruction came just as steadily. These two changes were devastating to many unemployed Californians:

  • Unemployment (EDD – Employment Development Department) offices were closed to the public!

Only the One Stop Career Centers were left.

  • Phone line hours changed and calls are now answered only between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

So how do you reach a live representative?

Because of the shortened call center hours, it can be very difficult to reach a live representative.  It’s not just a problem with long hold times. The bigger problem is that the calls are so backed up, the option to hold often isn’t even offered.  Instead, you have to hang up and try again. I understand how frustrating it can be when you need to speak to a person and find yourself struggling through an endless navigation of a recorded system.   Before writing this post, I called and called until I finally got a live person.  Then I told her I had the wrong number.  She cracked up.  I knew she would.  (That’s a lot of effort for a wrong number)  That’s how I tested this method before sharing it with you.  I was able to get many of the calls down to 29 seconds, before needing to hang up and try again.

Follow the steps below.  The key is to keep calling until the system puts you on hold.  Navigating through the system by waiting for the recorded messages to play out can take a very long time.  So, I’ve made it simple for you.

  1. Dial 1-800-326-8937

  2. As soon as you hear the recorded message start, Press 1

  3. As soon as you hear the recorded message start, Press 6

  4. As soon as you hear the recorded message start, Press 7

  5. As soon as you hear the recorded message start, Press 3

  6. As soon as you hear the recorded message start, Enter your Social Security Number


  8. If the next recorded message begins with, “Due to the current number of callers…,” hang up and repeat steps 1-7 until you get a message that says what your hold time will be.

This process can take a while, but by entering the dial prompts immediately, you will save a lot of time normally spent listening to the lengthy recorded message over and over again.  Keep going through these steps, and you will reach a live representative! Good luck!

For faster payment of claims, use the online or phone reporting system.