What would you do if someone attacked your entire family, began to take them hostage, one by one, then killed them slowly and painfully, right before your eyes? That’s what Cancer is doing to our communities! That’s what Cancer is doing to families.  That’s what Cancer has done to people I love.  Cancer is not just a disease.  It’s a menace to society in the worst possible form.  YOU CAN HELP!  You can help little girls like Angie (see story below) grow up to hold their Daddy’s hand when he walks her down the aisle.  You can help keep families together.  You can help keep dreams alive.  You can help keep people alive.  You can help!

Give a quick blood sample and get your measurements taken at a convenient location near you!  Fill out an easy survey every few years, and change the WORLD! Yes, you can!

Angie, was just 8 years old when Cancer took her daddy from her, Angie’s sister, and their mother.  Angie’s Dad was a leader in the community, an athletics coach, builder of self-esteem in local youth, active in his church, and a mentor to many.  Angie is 9 years old now.

We can’t bring her father back to her.  We can’t put her family back together.  We can’t undo death.  BUT – we can prevent it.  We can take a stand and STOP it before it happens.  We can save future generations of the pain of a similar experience.

I asked Angie and my sons what they would say to Cancer.  Neither of the them hesitated to respond.  They all knew exactly what they want to say:

Cancer, get out of hospitals, little children, and everybody else that has you! Angie (9)


Cancer, get out of the world and get out of people’s lives. You’re just bad! Pedro (9)


Cancer, you’re built to destroy.  But we’re going to destroy you! Antonio (13)


When I was just about Angie’s age, I lost my grandmother to Cancer.  To this day, my heart breaks over the loss of the chance to grow up with her in my life.  Throughout my life, Cancer has affected many people I have cared about.


I’m ready to fight back! My appointment to participate in this world-changing study is on July 23, 2013! Angie and my older sons are going with me.  They’re going to hold my hand. I’m ready to help my children and their children’s generations.  Are you?  Here’s what YOU can do:

1.  Go NOW to CPS-3 Bay Area http://www.cps3bayarea.org/

Bay Area Recruitment Sites

  • Alameda (July 20-August 3)
  • Marin County (July 24-August 7)
  • San Francisco (July 17-August 10)
  • San Mateo (July 24-August 10)
  • Santa Clara (July 13-August 10)

2.  Follow the easy instructions.  Schedule your appointment.

3.  Go to your appointment.  Complete your easy surveys when they arrive.   Change the world.

For participation outside of the Bay Area, check out the CPS-3 here:  http://cancer.org/cps3

Additional information about the American Cancer Society CPS-3:

  • Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) is a long-term study that seeks to better understand the factors (lifestyle, environmental, genetic) that cause or prevent cancer and ultimately help eliminate cancer as a major health concern for future generations.
  • Past long-term ACS studies have played a major role in cancer prevention, as well as in other national and international efforts. Past studies have demonstrated: 1) link between smoking and lung cancer; 2) significant impact of being overweight or obese on cancer risk; 3) impact of hormones, physical activity, diet on cancer risk; 4) link betweeAn aspirin use and reduced risk of colon cancer.
  • Involvement in CPS-3 includes:
    • Reading and signing a consent form, completing a survey, providing some physical measurements, giving a small blood sample, and responding to follow up questionnaires by mail every two years following (for at least 20 years).
    • Participants must be between the ages of 30 and 65 years & have no personal history of cancer to join CPS-3.
  • CPS-3 is one of the most important factors in ACS finishing the fight against cancer in that it identifies trends between lifestyle patterns and incidence of cancer – trends that can limit, and in most cases prevent, cancer altogether.
  • CPS-3 offers an historic opportunity — a once in a generation opportunity — to be personally involved in research that will advance ACS’ understanding of the lifestyle, behavioral, environmental, and genetic factors that cause cancer.
  • Enrollment in the CPS-3 study is one of the most important and impactful things you can do to help finish the fight against cancer; you can change the course of cancer.
  • The American Cancer Society has played a part in nearly every cancer research breakthrough in recent history and the next one could be found in this study.

Remember to check out the Amercian Cancer Society at http://www.cancer.org


Disclosure statement: I was compensated for my participation in learning and sharing about CPS-3 through Women Online/The Mission List. All opinions stated here are my own. Compensation did not require participation in the study.  I choose to participate for the reasons given within this post.