Melissa Etheridge with Larry King - Photo Courtesy of

Melissa Etheridge with Larry King – Photo Courtesy of

In her interview with Larry King, Melissa Etheridge says legalizing marijuana will be good for us…

What do you think? I’ve known too many Cancer patients in my life and it has certainly affected my own opinions on medicinal use.

Melissa and Larry discussed a lot of hot topics during their interview, such as:

“Panic” In The Music Industry

Music icon Melissa Etheridge talks about the recent “panic” in her business.

‘Coming Out’ In 2014

Melissa Etheridge on why ‘coming out’ in 2014 isn’t always an easy decision.

America Grew Up

Melissa Etheridge on why the country has come around so fast on the issue of gay marriage.

Rating President Obama

Melissa Etheridge rates the president and discusses his slow action on gay marriage rights.

Singing With Queen Latifah

Melissa Etheridge on her recent duet with Queen Latifah.


Maybe you just want to see the whole thing? Here you go!

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Larry King - Photo Courtesy of

Larry King – Photo Courtesy of


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