Celebrity Chef Barret Beyer, our first 24/7 Modern Dad™ contributor talks to Peggy Lee about life after Hell’s Kitchen, his plans for the future, and parenting.  When I entered the video conference I was anything but ready.  I was still doing my hair, which was a MESS! My face was blotchy and my hands were shaking.  There was chaos in the background, but as I say in my life, (which is quite the production) the show must go on!

Barret yelled out something like, “WHOAAA!” when I said hello. I thought I had finally done it.  I might have broke his screen, as I had no business being on it looking the way I did.  Since I love to give you all the “real” of a 24/7 life, it didn’t matter. (until Barret’s unexpected reaction! lol)

It turns out my audio was going crazy.  Not only was my sound way too loud, it was mostly static.  So, being the good friend that Peggy is, she BOOTED me out of my own chat/interview! That’s why I adore her.  A good friend should feel comfortable to speak honestly, give a different opinion, and look out for someone else’s best interest, even when that means booting the host out of an interview.  You all would have tuned me out within two minutes.  Good call, Peggy! I’m also glad I didn’t actually break Barret’s screen from my scary presence.  That wouldn’t have been so inappropriate today, which is Halloween.

Watch the interview.  You might find yourself a little surprised at the depth and honesty Barret shares with us.  On Hell’s Kitchen we didn’t have the opportunity to see the layers.  Like some of my favorite people, he is an onion, full of layers.  You can continue to learn more about Barret, the person, here on 24/7 Modern Mom™ through his own posts on this site and our periodic interviews with him.


By:  Alicia Gonzalez