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Cheapest Wireless Plans #Shop

This week has been very challenging.  I think the adjustment has been harder on me than it has been on the kids.  Antonio is excited to be in High School now.  Pedro got to keep his same awesome teacher from last year.  The triplets have their favorite driver. All is right with the world.  On the other hand, I’m still trying to figure out the strange High School schedule and the family’s morning routine.  It’s not easy to get five kids to four different schools, all starting at the same time.  Mornings have been crazy around here.  They’ve been especially stressful when Antonio asks for more money, for yet one more obligatory purchase for school.  His schedule is a fairly busy and complicated.  Add soccer into the week and we have a different routine every day.  Communication is a must.  Thank goodness he can get good quality service with the cheapest wireless plans from Family Mobile.

I can’t imagine how expensive  it will be when he’s in college.  Actually, yes, I can.  I haven’t talked about this publicly,ever.  But, now seems like an appropriate time to share.   I’m enrolled full time at the local college.  I’m well aware that education costs have been on the rise for a while.  In fact, many students are cutting expenses any way they can.

Cheapest Wireless Plans #shop

The other day while I was in class, I realized I had left my phone in the van.  I asked another student if I could make an emergency call on her cell phone.  She said she didn’t have one.  Even Pedro got a cell phone with unlimited everything! Remember when I bought him one and hooked him up with one of the unlimited plans for Valentine’s Day?

Cheapest Wireless Plans

You’ve probably already guessed, and if you know me in real life, you’re sure, I told that girl all about Family Mobile.  I have sales in my blood.  If I like a product, I talk about it.  It’s almost embarrassing to think of the amount of times I’ve been shopping in a store and been mistaken as an employee buy a customer.  When I like something, I will even tell a stranger who might benefit from it.  So, I told the girl.

Right now, @FamilyMobile  from Walmart has their lowest price ever, $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web. This can be paired with a smartphone for under $100 – perfect plan and phone combination for those who want to stay connected while on-the-go and on a budget!  $34.88/month for Unlimited Talk Text & Web price is for the first line only. (price applies for life of the account on the plan). Now that’s a deal!! No contracts and no pay BEFORE you use! These no contract, no credit check, no hassle plans let you use your month of service and then pay! Yep. Family Mobile likes to give first, then receive.  Shouldn’t all services be like that? I love that you don’t have to pay each month before you even use the service.  Family Mobile understands.

A college student needs a little power to their phone, so the WFM Alcatel One Touch Fierce, at just $99.88 is perfect! Right now it’s on Rollback from $129.88.  It runs on an Android 4.2 operating system (Jelly Bean) with up to 8 hours of talk time! It has a 5.0 camera, all the great multimedia options you want in a smartphone, and an intuitive user-interface!

Plus, it’s super easy to setup at the store, or at home at your convenience.

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Little Kaitlyn is already asking for a cell phone.  The Family Mobile plans are awesome and you can even get discounts for adding additional lines.  But, even with the cheapest wireless plans available,  I’m not buying a smartphone or service for my four-year-old.  She’ll just have to wait a little while longer.

Cheapest Wireless Plans #Shop

If you have a child or family who is starting college or returning, getting them a Family Mobile smartphone for under $100.00 would be the perfect way to show them you care. You might even get a couple of months of service to get them started and stay connected.  Living within a college student budget is not easy.  Family Mobile unlimited plans are affordable enough for all students to have #phones4school!

Cheapest Wireless Plan

Family Mobile wants to keep people connected.  They even decided to connect more themselves! You can now find them on Twitter

By: Alicia Gonzalez