chef Barret Beyer


A little less than a year ago, we introduced Celebrity Chef Barret Beyer, as our first 24/7 Modern Dad™ Contributor. So much has happened here on 24/7 Modern Mom™ and with Barret, since then.  Recently, Chef Barret announced his Go Fund Me Campaign to the world.

So, what’s it all about? Well, Barret, like many of us, has a big dream.  He believes all things are possible and is determined to make them  happen. He is a father, anti-bullying icon, and of course, an incredible Chef.  For those of you who came to love him during his run on Hell’s Kitchen, Season 11, you already know that his passion is unwavering.  He talks a lot about being hard, too.

chef barret and daughter

Then, there is his soft side.  Like shown in the picture above, as Barret bonds with his daughter, doing what he loves, most, almost most. His dream incorporates his hard core drive and big heart.  Chef Barret is asking his fans, supporters, and anyone who believes that dreams are possible, to support his Go Fund Me Campaign, for the purchase of a food truck.  With this truck, Barret will not only be able to share his amazing creations with the public by bringing them to the people, he will also be able to give back, even more than he already does!  Check out this excerpt from his Campaign Page:

The first food truck will be concentrating in the New York and New Jersey area serving Lunch, Dinner and After Hour items. The truck will also be used for Catering, Special Events, KI Fundraisers and Student Culinary Programs. 

By supporting Chef Barret’s goal, you will send a positive message that dreams are possible, the support is there and the kindness of others outweighs the negative!   

100% of the funds generated through this fundraiser, will secure and support the endeavors of the food truck and the culinary arts programs at the Kickin’ It Kids Center.

When I started this website, I didn’t even know what WordPress was.  I had heard of it, but really – I had no idea.  In fact, I was ignorant about so many things that I’ve recently started an honest and funny movement with some other Blogger friends; #BloggerConfessions.  We stumble, we crawl, we stand, we walk, we run, and we fall.  We are always learning and evolving, but we never give up.  When we look back, we are closer than ever to our goals.  That is passion.  That is, Chef Barret Beyer.

I love to support others when they deserve it.

You won’t just be investing in a food truck, or a dream.  You’ll be investing in a person who will give you the best form of return-on-investment, through his promise to Pay-It-Forward! I encourage you all to show your support with as much as you can, even if that’s just a little.  Every little bit helps! Help him get that truck so he can HIT THE STREETS and GET ROLLIN’!

You can CONTRIBUTE HERE! Remember, there is no amount too small or too big.  On behalf of the 24/7 Modern Mom™ community: Go Barret, Go!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez