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I love schedules and being organized. An all-inclusive chore chart makes me feel like life isn’t so out-of-control. I like a clean home. The truth is, I need that for my own sanity. I work from home and the distractions of clutter of filth are too much for me to handle. My 6-year-old triplets crave routine and structure. Of course, most kids do, but mine do especially because they have Autism. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have high expectations for them, as compared to their siblings, because I do! I just have to be much more creative as I try to raise them to be responsible for their belongings and participation in family chores. It takes a lot of work to keep a home clean when you have seven people living together. It requires a lot of teamwork. One of the things I love about my beloved Latinos and the culture is the importance of family and fun. There’s always a reason to celebrate and entertain, but still high standards of cleanliness, and a total clean — you know, in layers. Clean. Disinfect. Aromatize. I like it clean enough to eat from. All five of my kids were beginning to treat me like some nagging mom again, so I came up with a new and fun way to attack the chore chart. Introducing, Chore Chart BINGO!

Chore Chart - Bingo Game

When I clean, I make things shine. That’s how I like it done. I don’t want to spend all my time picking up after the kids. I crave the finished sparkle. I’ll do the laundry, cook, wash dishes, clean bathrooms, sweep, vacuum, dust, wash floors, counters, cabinets, and walls, but I want help. I also do not want to pick up toys, shoes, dirty clothes, garbage, backpacks, and dinner plates. My kids need to help. Last week, things really started to slip and the house looked like the inside of a trash can. It was stressing me out and I knew we needed an entire cleaning day to get things back on track. There were at least 75 jobs, ranging from easy to icky. BINGO was the perfect solution.

I went to Walmart to pick up my essential cleaners, at the best price and selection!

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I absolutely LOVE the scent of lavender! It makes me feel energized and beautiful – like Life is beautiful. I imagine lavender fields in my head, and have always wanted to run around in one, and take pictures – of course. I have many days when I do every scent in my house as a Lavender scent, so I was SOOO excited to find some new Clorox wipes in lavender, too! My only mistake was not buying enough canisters. I cleaned my whole house with the first can and I’m planning to go back for more. This time, I’ll stock up!

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Lavender, Clorox Liquid Bleach and Pine-Sol Lavender work together to Clean, Disinfect and Aromatize my home in a way that meets my standards for #LimpiaTotal, shine, and fresh aroma.  Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and lorox Liquid Bleach kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

While I was there, I found the cutest BINGO set, complete with ball dispenser, BINGO cards, transparent colored coins, and a place-holder board for balls already called out, for just over $10.00. Since not all chores are created equally, I made the first 25 chores as very simple tasks, for the triplets, such as put my shoes away, take the sheet off my bed, and put the shoes back on my dolls. So, I created their own BINGO board as well, with only the first 25 numbers.

I modified the rules a bit for the triplets, since I gave them each exactly the same game boards. I used the BINGO ball dispenser to choose the number, but only put in numbers 1-25 at first.

chore chart bingo printable

  • I called out EIGHT numbers at a time, for each of the triplets.
  • That was a total of 24. I told them that whatever the remaining chore was, mom had to do that one. They were so excited.
  • At the bottom of the BINGO board, I listed numbers 1-25, so I could write down the exact chore they were assigned, from the master-chore-list I created.
  • If one got BINGO, they had the option to change BINGO cards with one of their siblings. 
  • For my 12-year-old and 16-year-old, I put in the rest of the balls, 26-75, and we all took turns.

DOWNLOAD your own copy of my BINGO Board, HERE! (OR, click on the image above)chore chart - limpiatotal

How do you make your chore chart, fun? Let us know in the comments, and if you loved this post, remember sharing is caring!

By: Alicia Gonzalez