This post was sponsored by P&G in partnership with Pampers® and Babies“R”Us®. It has some of my favorite SF Bay Area Bloggers, and me, Alicia Gonzalez! All opinions are my own. Dana Vollmer: Olympic Medal Winner Talks About Being A Mom #BRUMomsWin

Dana Vollmer w/son

Recently, I had the chance to meet Olympic Gold & Silver medal winner, Dana Vollmer.

Dana Volmer-29 medals

Okay, ladies, let’s have some real-talk for a second. You know when you meet a new first-time-mom who starts to share their parenting stories? It’s hard to not laugh at with a new mom.  It’s not in a mean way, it’s just in our been-there-done-that way. So, I expected to enjoy meeting Dana Vollmer, not just because she’s an Olympic medal winner from the Bay Area, but because she is a new mom; and they’re fun! They make you feel nostalgic, remembering your own first-time-mom stories. Dana delivered! She went there! She talked about the poop. She talked about being tired. Not just Olympic athlete tired, but mom-tired. Coming from Dana, it was pretty validating, too. I’m absolutely positive that I could not do what she does, physically or mentally, in her athletic career. So, to hear her sincerely acknowledge the whole mom-tired factor was great! Having a child of her own gave Dana a new appreciation for her own mother. We know that feeling, right? Our moms told us we would!

When I met Dana Vollmer, along with some of my other blogger friends, Dana was still trying to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Dana is soft-spoken with a subtle confidence, but her energy is absolutely invigorating. It was obvious, we were in the presence of greatness. It was obvious, we were with a great mother. Dana’s son, Arlen, is just 17 months old. Some of us moms are still trying to get back into pre-pregnancy shape at just 17 months out. Dana got into Olympic athlete shape.

First, she qualified. Then, she killed it! She already took the 4x100m freestyle relay SILVER and the 100m butterfly BRONZE medals in Rio. Saturday, she is fighting for GOLD! 

Dana said something about her role as Arlens’s mom that really struck me. It was brilliant. It was everything a mom could want for her child.

…being there to protect him, but not wanting him to have fear.

Here’s a little glimpse at Dana, talking about being a mom.

Dana wants what’s best for Arlen. Pampers® is Dana’s choice and it’s a great one! Arlen is an explorer.

Dana Volmer-13

Make no doubt about it! Babies love Pampers® and keys. Those keys Arlen is holding are mine! I knew we could make the perfect trade. I gave Arlen my keys and he’d give me all his attention. Kind of. He really like the keys, though!

Dana Vollmer Son Arlen

Dana Vollmer Son Arlen with keys

As Dana showed us some of her favorite things in Babies“R”Us®, it became obvious that Dana is very deliberate in everything she buys for Arlen. Dana has a very practical approach to spending. She goes for affordable, but never sacrifices the quality. I’m certain that Arlen thanks her! I remember the first time my oldest son leaked through his diaper. It was everywhere. It was all over me. I was crying. My husband called his mother. It turned into some kind of mom-intervention. I got schooled about the importance of  using quality Pampers® diapers. I learned my lesson!

Dana Volmer-24

Dana Volmer-19

Dana Volmer-22

Dana Volmer swag

Shortly after meeting Dana and Arlen, my phone broke. The data was erased clean. All my pictures were gone. I was pretty upset about that, at first. Then I realized, while I don’t have the pictures and video I took with my phone, I have the experience, and that is something that can’t be erased!

Tune in on Saturday as Dana goes for gold! Life is a collection of experiences. Be like Dana and encourage your children to have them! If you have little ones, you might want to stock up on some Pampers®, because I’m pretty sure you’re going to need them! You can also follow Pampers® on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to hear about your favorite mom experiences. Share them in the comments!  Also…

Good Luck, Dana Vollmer! Way to represent the moms! I guess that’s why you’re the “momma on a mission” 

By: Alicia Gonzalez