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Okay. I get it. Sometimes, date night just seems impossible, especially during flu season. I know all of the excuses for canceling date night or ending it prematurely. I’ve used them all. It’s not that I don’t want to spend some alone time with my husband. It’s just so easy to let life get in the way! Right now, maybe more than ever, my husband and I need some time alone. We need time to talk. We need time to not talk. We need time to escape the pressures of marriage and parenting. Ya’ll know what I’m saying! Adult life is hard. It’s busy. It’s not “fair.” It’s also not an accident. We’re grown-ups, now. The relationships we have with those we care about are the result of decisions we make and act on. Whether it’s a relationship with a parent, our own children, or a spouse, it’s important that whatever that relationship is; it’s on purpose!

So, don’t cancel date night! Don’t “accidentally” create distance between you and your partner. Get closer and stay close, on purpose.

To have a successful dating life with your spouse, stick to the basics and make sure you have the essentials!

Date Night Basics

  • Put it on the calendar


  • Remember that your adorable kids will be OKAY without you for a while. Don’t cut the night short or check out mentally because you’re preoccupied wondering if the kids will be okay. They will. They’re fine! 


Your happy kids WANT happy parents!



  • Always remember what first attracted you to your spouse.



  • What you do or wear on your date night doesn’t matter that much. Commit to date night unconditionally, without excuses. 


Date Night Essentials

  • “Let Your Healthy Out” Stay energized with Vitamin C! (every day!)

You already know how important Vitamin C is for your body. Take Emergen-C as a daily dietary supplement.

date_night_essentials_ad-6Emergen-C gives you More Healthy Days, More Healthy Nights! With over 20 varieties of vitamin supplement drink mixes, Emergen-C offers the formula, flavor, fix, and FUN you’re looking for!



I also like to keep a packet or two in my purse so that I can take it wherever I am, in case I forget in the busy chaos of the day, being mom. I carry my other MUST-HAVE DATE NIGHT ESSENTIALS in my purse, too.

  • There is no lamer excuse in the world than, “I have a headache.”

I know. Headaches are the real-deal! I get it. But, come on… Advil. Advil. Advil. Nothing’s stronger, longer lasting or better on your tough aches and pains than Advil, and nothing works on more pains than Advil (among OTC pain relievers).  Use Advil tablets for headaches, minor arthritis and other joint pain, muscle aches and pains of the common cold. You don’t have to carry around a “bottle.” Advil also comes in tablet vials.



  • Lastly, totally hydrated lips are a MUST. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing your favorite Fiery RED lipstick. Just keep them hydrated and smoochable with ChapStick Total Hydration! It instantly smoothes and moisturizes and visibly renews lips. It’s also 100% age defying and 100% natural. You’ll be xoxoxo-ready!



You can find all of my date night essentials at your local Walmart!


What are your flu-season Date Night ESSENTIALS? Share with us in the comments!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez