I spent my whole life praying for a daughter, a mini-me. That was, until I met you.

You’re the very best of me. From the first breath you took, I knew.

I’d rather have one you, than a million mini-mes. I say that from my heart.

Never try to be anyone else. Being yourself is what will set you apart.

Instead of just teaching you everything I’ve learned, I’ll tell you everything I still don’t know.

I’d be lying if I said I have all the answers. We’ll figure it out together, as we go.

You make me question everything and dig deeper than I ever have before.

I’ve taught  you less than I’ve learned from you, and I’m sure you’ll teach me more.

Imagine my surprise, seeing a strong woman, on my own baby girl’s face.

I’m so charmed by your presence and fascinated by your natural strength and grace.

Before you came along, I thought about everything I should tell you. I believed, I had a plan.

It’s not good enough to just say you can be anything you choose. I have to show you that you can.

So, now I’m looking back on my own life, for moments I might have gotten in my own way.

I could try again. The only things that define us, are the choices we make today.

I took pride in being a woman and rejected all notions that I owe an explanation for anything I do.

But now I’m a woman who is raising a woman. So, I have to be my most vulnerable self, at least with you.

That’s not an easy task because sometimes we build walls. You’ll find that out one day.

If you’re ever at a loss for answers, remember to bow your head and pray.

In every single sense, we are strong like warriors. Just as strong as men.

But we’re also instinctive nurturers, which makes us count to ten,

before reacting without conscience or succumbing to our rage.

We’re known for being kind, patient, and mysteriously wise beyond our age.

We come in every shape and size. Take pride in all your form.

Never worry about being different. You’ll soon see, that’s the norm.

We have what’s called a woman’s intuition.

It’s your inner voice. Be sure to listen.

Tell yourself you matter. Every. Single. Day.

Practice self-respect. It keeps self-doubt away.

I’ll always call you baby, so I hope you won’t be thrown.

It’s a blessed right of motherhood. Yes, even when you’re grown.

Another thing about women; we’re as stubborn as they come.

So we’ll likely have some fights that will leave us both feeling numb.

Those are often the moments that lead to the most insightful chats.

In hindsight we’ll chalk them up to typical mother-daughter spats.

I spent my whole life praying for a mini-me. That was, until I met you.

Daughter, you’re the best of me. That will always be true.

By: Alicia Gonzalez

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