You guys think it’s a generation thing, but you don’t have a clue.

Whatever it is that ya’ll do now, we did it way before you.

I guess that’s why I panic and act like I know it all.

My heart still drops and crashes when I think that you might trip and fall.

So, I’m always trying to catch you, before you even hit the ground.

But I won’t always be able to save you. I won’t always be around.

So, I try to teach you about life the best I can, and in the easiest way.

I have to remember that I learned things the hard way, and I think I turned out okay.

And I know I have to let you learn and have experiences of your own.

It’s just that yesterday you were babies, and today you’re oh so grown.

The world isn’t really so different than it always was.

There are a few things that define you, and who you hang with does.

So yes, I want to meet the parents and get to know your squad.

In my day, we said posse. I bet you think that’s odd.

I swear, but when I hear you do the same, I make you watch your tongue.

I get mad about your choice of music which is no worse than the lyrics we sung.

I want you at home early, but I stayed out all night.

Just because I did it, doesn’t make it right.

Parents really have it rougher than you might think.

At some point we have to toss you in and watch you swim or sink.

So before we do, there comes a point, we get a little weird.

But it’s not that we don’t trust you. It’s just because we’re scared.

To let you stand on your own, we have to let go.

We try to fit in all the lessons we think you still don’t know.

I’ve tried to teach by example, and have sometimes failed along the way.

Those were the times I used that stupid line about just doing what I say.

In no time at all, every choice will be yours, and it won’t be up to me.

From all my annoying rules, you’ll be completely free.

But I’d be honored to listen, if you ever want to talk,

about love or life or any path you walk.

I have no plans to meddle or tell you what to do.

I’ll be taking on a role that’s completely new.

It won’t be my job to guide you along.

It won’t be up to me to decide what’s right or wrong.

As sad as that makes me, it exciting just the same.

Maybe we’ll have so much fun, you’ll stop thinking I’m lame.

Hold on. I’m in charge. We still have time, so it’s back to status quo.

Pull up those pants. Pick up those socks. Get off the phone. I said, no.

Parenting is like that crazy famous dress that was white or gold or blue.

It doesn’t have to make sense. Dear sons, I’m a hypocrite, because I love you.

By: Alicia Gonzalez

This is dedicated to my oldest son, Antonio, my heart-adopted son Toby, my soon-be-teen Pedro, his little brothers, and all their friends who have nested in my heart over the years.  Being a mom isn’t easy. I know I’m that mom. I know you have to grow up sometime. I know. You will. “Freedom” is closer than you think. It’s probably closer than you even really want. Just know, I’m proud of you. I believe in you. I’ll always be here. I know I’m not perfect. I know I can’t possibly know everything. I have a little bit of that “mom-jealousy” over this whole dating age. I’m coping though. Sometimes I’m a hypocrite. I won’t deny it. I’m sorry. (Probably not.) Everything I do, including all my HIGH EXPECTATIONS and strict-mom rules, is because I love you. If I’m wrong, SUE ME! (Hahaha – but you don’t know how to do that, do you? Ehhh…. you still need me. Mwuah!)

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