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The Disney Classics Box Set has 94 songs, broken up into four fabulous Disney volumes:

§ Disney Modern Classics
§ Disney Theme Park Classics
§ Disney Timeless Classics
§ Disney Television Classics

What great songs does the set include? Check out the Disney Classics Box Set Song List. Available wherever music is sold beginning 11/12/2013.  You can also order/pre-order on Amazon, here: : http://bit.ly/DCBoxSet



We have even included this set in our  HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE as a 24/7 Modern Mom™ pick!  There is something that money can’t buy: Memories! That’s what Disney, and especially Disney music is all about!  Whistle While You Work is still a favorite of mine.  I take a deep breath as the five kids scream and conduct chaos while I try to be productive around them.  I smile.  I giggle.  And – I whistle while I work.  Just a Spoonful of Sugar  is another one I remember from years ago and now sing to my own children.

This set not only brings back those fond memories of your own childhood, but they so fabulously represent the ones we are now making with our children.  Disney is the bridge that connects the gap between all generations.

Get your kids singing. Get them dancing.  Keep them moving and interacting! I spent last Thanksgiving with my family at Disneyland in CA.  It seems that not only is Disneyland the most happiest place on it; it’s also the most romantic place on earth.  For as many families that roamed around the magic streets, there were just as many couples, enjoying their Disney side, and showing off the kids in them!

For more in formation about Disney Music, check them out here:

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By:  Alicia Gonzalez