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Disney on Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After is turning into a family tradition! We have been several times now and it never gets old.  I mean the show.  The audience on the other hand, is always the most interesting mix of young and old combined.  Don’t think I’m just talking about parents or grandparents in attendance with children.  I’m talking about generations of fans and attendees rockin’ out to their favorite music with their favorite characters, without any child in their company.  THAT is fantastic.  Every year, the happiest place on earth, comes to us!  The house was packed.

#sponsored Disney on Ice full house

The costumes are gorgeous.  The music is a crowd mover.  The acting is phenomenal.  I could see the characters feel every word and movement of the show.  It drew me in.  Honestly, when a company is nice enough to invite us to a show like this, I try to spread the word of how much I’m enjoying the show, LIVE! I was so engaged in my kids smiles and cheers that I didn’t tweet once.  Oh sheesh.  Fine, I’ll confess.  Yes, I was engaged in my children’s smiles, but I was more just as engaged in the gorgeous and changing sets that brought our favorite stories to life.

#sponsored Disney on Ice Scenes

My favorite part of the show was the Brave segment! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I had an extra emotional attachment because of the great memories I have of watching the movie with my kids.  That’s really what all Disney on Ice shows are about.  They bring back the great memories you already have and inspire new unforgettable moments.

#sponsored Disney on Ice Brave

If you are like me, you can’t help but to wonder, “how did they do that?” when you see a gorgeous set change.  I tried to pay attention to those details because I’m fascinated by seeing teamwork result in something so spectacular, right before my eyes, without me even noticing.  It might just be magic.

#sponsored Disney on Ice Lights Camera Skating

What is your favorite Disney on Ice family tradition? I love to play their favorite music and really pump them up for this event.  When I took my youngest children to their first amazing show, all they could do was look on in awe.  Now they can stand up and cheer!  Thank you, for the memories!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez