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I hate to cook. Actually, I love to cook.  I just hate the clean up.  I never imagined I would have such a big family (that eats so much) to cook for.  Making dinner for seven people each day feels like entertaining every night.  Entertaining is fun, but the clean up can be a real downer.  I’m usually so exhausted from the day, I leave the dinner dishes for the morning. This morning one of my girlfriends, Gloria stopped by to chat. The next thing I knew, we were making broccoli soup and plans to cook together all next week. We both get bored of the same meals over and over, so we decided to share some new recipes with each other. Before we could get started, I had to clean up the mess I let go from the night before. She couldn’t help but to notice my collection of dishwasher detergent!

Finish Dishwasher Detergent #Shop #Cbias

I go through a lot dirty dishes. I mean, a lot. While Gloria and I were cooking and visiting today, the older kids came home from school.  Then, the husband came home from work. I had already fed the little kids some of the broccoli soup we made. I also made beans, rice, salsa de jitomate (tomato salsa), and camarones a la diabla. (shrimp in spicy red sauce.) Gloria already made another batch of soup for her family. Can you imagine how many dishes we went through? The shrimp requires a sauce, too.  Gloria and I had already ate some of the soup.  You all do understand that the shrimp in the spicy red sauce to be eaten over rice, was dinner, right? Well, before Gloria even made it home, there was not a single shrimp left and the husband looked me straight in the eyes, and asked me, “what’s for dinner?”  He wasn’t joking! He wasn’t even being sarcastic.  I looked over at the older boys, you know – hoping they’d have my back.  Nope! They looked at me with this, “you-call-that-snack-dinner?” look. Seriously, I couldn’t believe them.  Nonetheless, I made them all some dinner. It really was a good thing that I just stocked up on the dishwasher detergent. Even though I wash the big pans by hand, I usually run the dishwasher four times per day. That’s why I switched to a more affordable dishwasher detergent! Keeping the dishes clean was getting expensive. This is my life. Luckily, Walmart has Finish products on rollback until October. Combined with that clickable coupon above, it’s a deal worth stocking up on now! *You’ll also notice one on my sidebar!*

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For days like today, my favorite Finish® dishwasher detergent is the Quantum! It removes tough stains like coffee and can handle dishes with all that icky mess dried on them for up to twenty-four hours! And, now you know my secret. When I’m exhausted, which is most days, I wash the dishes from dinner in the morning!

Quantum Finish

You didn’t think the #SparklySavings  were enough to get me to buy these products, did you? Nope! I don’t care if a product is free-for-life if it doesn’t work. Now, Finish® really gets the job done! Check out this side by side comparison of two of my glasses washed by Finish and another brand. #CollectiveBias


When it comes to dirty dishes, the only thing worse than having to do them four times per day, is having to do them eight times per day because a dishwasher detergent didn’t get them clean the first time! Finish® products save me time and money. That makes  me happy! Gloria and I will be dirtying up even more dishes next week as we exchange recipes in my kitchen, complete with live demonstrations. If I run out of cleaning supplies, at least I can still get them on this great deal!

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Want to try it out for yourself? Here’s that coupon again!

If you want to see how it works before you buy, check out this quick video. Pretty cool!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez