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My last episode of pneumonia scared me because my asthma got out-of-control. I tried to find affordable doctors in SF (Bay Area). Before I could find a doctor to help me and give me the prescriptions I needed, I ended up in the Emergency Room. THAT visit cost me over $18,000.00! THAT didn’t even included the Emergency Room physician’s bill. I was given breathing treatments, on-site medications, an EKG, chest x-rays, and finally sent home with prescriptions for refills for my inhalers, antibiotics, and prednisone.  I knew exactly what I needed, because it’s always the same. I’ve been dealing with my asthma for years. Unfortunately, while I was between insurance coverage, I couldn’t find the help I needed, and when things got serious. I felt helpless, because I knew I could die if I didn’t get treated. I also knew how simple the course of treatment would be.
I have since resolved my health insurance issue and am still working to resolve the outrageous bill. Now, I’m seeing every doctor and specialist I can, so that I can get ahead of my healthcare, and take preventative action. So, I’ve been going to appointments for almost everything you could imagine. I’ve never really considered how life-threatening the lack of medical attention can be, until THAT one trip to the ER. It cost me in total, more than 100-times what it would have cost to use the amazing service I recently had the chance to review.

Pager has doctors in SF & NY and they make same-day house calls! Pager doctors in SF - Doctor Doney

If I ever find myself in a situation like that nightmare-experience of being uninsured and needing immediate treatment for my asthma, Pager is the first place I’ll look! Of course, even now that I am insured, there are still plenty of reasons for me to use Pager, instead. All of their doctors are ACTIVELY practicing emergency room physicians. Just think about that for a moment….

You get an Emergency Room Physician with IN-HOME convenience, at a fraction of the price! What is your co-payment for an emergency room visit? Chances are, they are the same or more than a visit from a Pager doctor. 

That’s amazing! I was so impressed (and confused, to tell you the truth) that I couldn’t help but to ask Doctor Doney WHY he was sitting in my living room. I asked the hard question. I thought… he must make so much more money in the Emergency Room, how could doing this be worth it for him?

His whole face lit up. He immediately began sharing his excitement about what Pager is doing and what an honor it is for him to help transform healthcare! He explained the advantages a physician has to be able to see a patient in their natural environment, sit down and delve into a conversation that just isn’t feasible in an emergency room environment. I was surprised to learn that how many services are offered by Pager.

I also believe that Pager was born from and lives for improving health care! There was such a sincere passion when Dr. Doney talked about his affiliation with Pager. He believes in what they are doing and wants to be a part of it, because he wants to make a difference. Which, when we think about it, is why most doctors begin practicing medicine in the first place, right? Dr. Doney’s passion for better, more easily accessible healthcare was contagious. 

Dr. Doney Pager - Doctors in SF

Health Check: a simple assessment of your health and wellness that includes key numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. This does not include Family Planning.

Physical exams and tests required for camp, school and employment.

Urgent care visit:
Evaluation and diagnosis for common infections and illnesses, with prescriptions when medically needed.
Treatment for minor skin conditions, including rashes, fungus, burns and more.
First aid care for minor injuries, including sprains and wounds requiring suturing.
Urgent care treating illnesses and injuries for children 6 months and older.

Flu Shot: (self-explanatory) 

Personally, I would also LOVE to get more involved with Pager. Obviously, I’m not a doctor, but I do have a pretty amazing community of people who care about my opinions, and my opinion is that Pager is doing healthcare, RIGHT! I’d love to bring you future updates about the company and keep you in-the-know about their growth and when you may find a doctor in your area, if the service is not available yet. 
While everyone could benefit from a service like this, there are certain groups that would probably be beyond appreciative of this new convenience:
  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Elder
  • Children with Special Needs
  • People without personal transportation
  • Friends & Family visiting from out-of-the-area
  • & so many more

Doctor Doney

It’s easy to use, too!

The Pager app is free to download and easy to use. The response is quick and the app allows you to stay connected to your doctor from the time the service request is made, through the time the doctor arrives at your home, office, or wherever you are.  Prior to coming to your locations, the doctor will access your situation through the app and/or on the phone ensure that a personal visit is the right medical decision for your situation. The doctor stays in contact until s/he arrives at your location. This is important, because your situation could change. 

From NOW thru 1/31/2016, you can use MY CODE ” modernmom ” to try it out for yourself!

Doctor Doney

It’s time to TRANSFORM HEALTHCARE! Be a part of it!
By: Alicia Gonzalez