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Duracell Wait out the Emergency Drill

The fourth of July was difficult evening for the triplets and Pedro.  They all wore sound reducing headphones and were anxious the entire night.  We didn’t go to see fireworks or even leave the house.  Just the noise from neighbors setting off loud firecrackers had my kids shaking.  My kids are some of the bravest people I know. They are brave about life and inspire me all the time.  Of course, they do have real fears of scary things like loud noises, the dark, fires, storms, earthquakes, sirens, and especially power outages. I’m guessing a lot of you know about the fires that have been happening here in California this month.  Honestly, it’s just the beginning of our scary season. While I’ll be glad to see an end to elevated risks of fires, storms and power outages are soon to follow.  Seeing the kids so scared on the holiday broke my heart.  I wanted to get the house prepared for emergencies, and do a wait-out-the-emergency drill with them.  I needed the big packs of Duracell.  Luckily…

Duracell Sale


I had to go to Walmart anyway, to pick up some cleaning supplies.  So, I decided to do take advantage of the great prices on the large Duracell packs and give the kids a super fun shock! I wanted the drill to be a success so I grabbed some things to keep the kids entertained while we pretended to wait-out-the-emergency.  Mommy is smart enough to #PrepWithPower!

Duracell Wait Out the Drill Supplies

 In an emergency, it’s important to stay calm.  That was going to be the focus of my drill with the kids.  So, I had to make it very simple and fun!  I was able to pull off a super successful wait-out-the-emergency-drill in just three easy steps!

Duracell Fort

While Duracell has amazing power, I didn’t want to waste it.  In real life, there is no way to know how long we might have to wait-out-the-emergency.  Building a fort is not only fun for the kids, but it gives a sort of emergency base.   This is a place that keeps the family together, very warm with the close quarters, and blocks out scary distractions like seeing the shadows of swaying trees outside the window.  The best part about the fort is that it can be lit up quite brightly with just a small lantern.  The kids were watching me gather supplies so we could all go into the fort.  They were so excited! Wait until you see the video.

Duracell #PrepWithPower

I got them the coolest bendable microphone with built in speaker on the other end.  The kids put the microphone end on the inside of the fort and the speaker on the outside of the fort so I could hear them communicate with me  when I left the safety of the fort to check the status of the emergency. Later, we sang songs and took turns signing with the microphone. I got another cool game that teaches them about not lying and was still fun for all ages of the fort community.  We had water, snacks, glowing sticks, flashing sticker badges, an awesome little bright lantern, and plenty of Duracell to keep us powered through the wait.

Duracell Fun

Duracell Power Bright

Duracell Step 3 Wait-out-the-Emergency


Andres is the most sensitive one of them all.  He has the manly voice accompanied by the cutest need to cuddle and feel safe.  He is the most nervous about the dark, new surroundings, and any crisis.

Big Brother

But he was so into our wait-out-the-emergency drill, that he didn’t want it to be over.  In fact, he stayed in the fort, ate snacks, played with the microphone, and served himself up some cold water to make his solo-party a hit!

Duracell Kid


Duracell Bright

He was fascinated by how long the Duracell batteries kept the fort lit up so brightly.  Quite frankly, so was I! Remember, it was really dark in there before!  While Duracell batteries are the best, if I would have used our lantern in the living room, it would not have lit it up so brightly.  The fort contains the light so it doesn’t spread and thin.  It’s also perfect for keeping the kids warm.

Parents, I really encourage you to run your own Wait-Out-the-Emergency Drill.  Sometimes, all we can do in an emergency is remain calm and wait.  You’ll find thousands of posts about the importance of what to do in an emergency.  Yet, there are few in comparison that give you a plan when there’s nothing to do.  Be sure to #PrepWithPower and follow the three easy steps.  The next time a storm comes, your kids will be ready to wait it out and turn the event into some fun family time!

  1. Build a Fort

  2. Gather Supplies

  3. Wait-Out-the-Emergency

Check out the our video of the kids entering the fort.  Antonio went in first so he could receive and guide each little one!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez