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Everyday Moments Keepsake


When the triplets were born almost five years ago, at just over two pounds each, the hospital put them in Pampers for micro-preemies.  They fit babies up to four pounds and the triplets were swimming in them.  The first time I saw them in Pampers, I was grateful a teeny tiny diaper was even made.  The little things mean so much.  Pampers Swaddlers are the No.1 choice at local hospitals in Los Angeles and across the country. And now Pampers Swaddlers is available through size 6 to comfort and protect babies through many more moments of love!

MicroPreemie Pampers

Tiny Pampers

The triplets will be five-years-old in January.  They haven’t just survived.  They’ve thrived! Our family, especially my older two sons, had to make many adjustments.  We’re still making them.  Our time and money are much more limited than they ever were before.  Many things have been so difficult that I can’t even find the words to articulate how we got through them.  If you’re a regular reader, you know some of the background story of the triplets premature births, Autism, and the creation of 24/7 Modern Mom.


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The harder things got, the more important it became for me to find Simple Solutions.  I believe that the opportunity to share our journey and Simple Solutions for Complicated Lives, with the world, was a gift of love from God. I’m not perfect.  I get frustrated, worried, and I even complain.  I’ve had moments when I thought my prayers weren’t being heard, much less answered.  In those moments, I really try to remember to count my abundant blessings.  When I was given the opportunity to work with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers to run this giveaway, I really wanted to share my own #RegaloDeAmorPampers project.  You might think that I write all the time, because I blog.  The truth is, I write much less than I used to.  At least, I write less journal type content. You know, the stuff that isn’t meant for anyone to see, but is written only as a way to work through feelings, good and bad.  Writing was how I exhaled.  Having triplets makes for a very busy life, at least for now.  I wanted to do something that would help document and celebrate special moments in my everyday life.  I thought about starting a journal again, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time to keep it updated. Your baby experiences your love in many different ways. And those precious moments you share with your little one make every day special and worth remembering,  I came up with this beautiful every day moments keepsake!



  • One clear plastic ornament.
  • One RIM of a mason jar
  • One Rosary or pretty beaded necklace
  • Extra Beads and Gems to your liking
  • hot glue gun
  • construction paper or card stock paper
  • scissors or a shape cutter


Hot glue the bottom of the ornament to a mason jar rim, with the rim facing down.  This will create a base for your keepsake.

Hot glue your Rosary and/or beads in a pattern or random placement. (Notice that I glued the crosses and the holding points at the top of the U shapes, allowed most of the beads to dangle on the keepsake.)

Hot glue beads or gems around the base of the mason jar rim and ornament.  This is mostly because the ornament may not be a perfect fit and the beads will cover any gaps and imperfections.

Toss a loose string of beads into the bottom of the ornament. *optional*

Cut small shapes out of construction paper or card stock paper in colors that compliment the beads and store them near or under your keepsake.  Whenever you have a special moment, write it down on one of your shapes and stick it in your keepsake.  You don’t have to write a lot.  Even one word and a date is good enough.  You will quickly notice how many every day moments you have to celebrate and how blessed you are!

I chose tiny feet because they remind me of my walk through life and the blessings my tired feet. It only takes a moment to write something down!

Pampers Blessings

Since the Every Day Moments Keepsake only took me about 15 minutes to make, I made another one I’ve been meaning to create for a long time now.

wpid-20141119_155702.jpg  Pampers Ornaments

I put THREE tiny micro-preemie Pampers in there, and used it as an ornament to remember how far we’ve come, and how grateful I am to Pampers! I wrote the name of one triplet per diaper with their date of birth.   *Note: This is an ornament and is sitting in the mason jar rim for the purpose of taking this picture.  It is not attached.**

When babies feel comforted and protected, they feel covered in your love. It’s a privilege for @Pampers to be part of those precious moments you both share together. And to celebrate it, @Pampers is giving parents its #RegaloDeAmorPampers to help capture those loving moments.

The gifts include:

  • Pampers Swaddlers

  • Pampers Wipes

  • The Crafty Chica Collection Book

  • Michael’s gift card to create a DIY loving keepsake!


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By:  Alicia Gonzalez