I am happy to be a Rubbermaid® Ambassador. This post has been sponsored by Rubbermaid® All opinions are solely my own. The End to Your Battle With Missing Container Lids

easy find lids snap on for easy storage

Whether you’re going to watch the game, hang out with friends, or attend a family event, there’s nothing worse than preparing all the food only to realize you can’t find a lid to that container! I have two large buckets in my cabinets for all the lids I have just for my pots and pans. I have to pull them out every time I cook and sort through the buckets. That’s my system until I find the perfect cookware that will keep track of of it’s own lids.

I also used to have two baskets, just for my container lids. Sometimes, I put them in baggies. Sometimes, I put them in their own container. Sometimes, I just topped the container with foil, because I knew I’d never find the lid, again. Ever. I don’t have time for that, and I certainly don’t have the space. The other day I just threw all those containers out. They weren’t doing me any good. They were just taking up space and the lids were long gone.

S0, I was completely out of containers and I was frustrated. I had a little tailgate to put together and nowhere to store the food. Tailgating shouldn’t be overly complicated. It should be fun! I also had a pot luck to attend that same week. Even though my friends love my cooking, I was sure I’d have a good amount of left-overs, too. You’ve heard that saying…

You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone…

I missed my containers! I did not miss hunting for lids as if they were just going to miraculously appear. Yes, I did that. All. The. Time. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to find them, I’d keep looking. That’s why I had to just get rid of them. Then, I got my Rubbermaid® package. Rubbermaid® understands me! It was like they’d read my mind. I didn’t know what was coming in my next package, but I couldn’t have been happier when I opened it. They sent me a box of containers with Easy Find Lids™! Plus, the Rubbermaid® Party Platter.

Easy Find Lids containers and Rubbermaid Party Platter


The Easy Find Lids™ are just a better storage solution. The containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They are 100 percent BPA free and have clear bases so you can see the contents easily. The best part is, the Easy Find Lids™ snap to bases AND other lids for organized storage! They also nest inside each other. 

easy find lids from rubbermaid

rasy find lids by rubbermaid

rubbermaid easy find lids


I also fell in love with the Party Platter.

party platter and lids by rubbermaidIt features a 2-cup leak-proof and removable Twist & Seal™ dip container that nests snuggly into the base. The outer lid snaps onto the platter base to keep different foods and snacks separated. Since Rubbermaid® made it possible to send the kids to school with Mexican Chicken salad, we’ve been eating it a lot more. Get the recipe, HERE!


I think that would be a perfect alternative to the standard dip in the center of the Party Platter. 

rubbermaid party platter and twist and seal lid


Tailgating was a breeze with our newest Rubbermaid® products. They were perfect for transporting the food and storing leftovers.

rubbermaid tailgate party with containers and snap on lids

rubbermaid containers and lids


The Easy Find Lids™ is a 24 pc. set, so I had more than I needed! Of course, you can never have enough space-saving, easy seal, and stacking/snapping lids and containers. Before these Rubbermaid® products, my cabinets looked like a container lids version of the unmatched socks bucket. It was bad!

All of these products are available at Kroger®, Publix®, Meijer®,  Target®, Walmart®, and other stores nationwide!

How do you organize your container lids?

By: Alicia Gonzalez