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Most of the Summer, I was very anxious about the new upcoming School year. If you’ve been following along, you know that our old District denied the transfers since moving to our new place. That means all five kids will be attending new schools this year. It also means that Pedro will start 6th Grade in Middle School, which doesn’t start until 7th grade in our old District. I must have cried one-thousand tears. Pedro is super-smart and also had ADHD. I was so worried that he’s not ready for Middle School, switching classes every hour, and six subjects worth of homework. Last year, his older brother had a difficult time in his first year in High School. My stress level was so high! A few weeks ago, Pedro even wrote a letter that he wanted me to send to his old District. Since he’s not a little boy anymore, he wanted to write it in pen. He just kept making mistakes and had to start over and over and over. He was so frustrated. That night, I cried myself to sleep because it broke my heart to see Pedro so stressed. I made a very conscious decision to do everything I can to #EraseStress from Pedro’s life and support him on his new journey as a Middle School student. He’ll do great! I know that if I can help him get organized and more forgiving of himself when he makes mistakes, he’s going to shine. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. I did have to remind myself not to say that one little thing to myself that Pedro and I promised to erase from our vocabulary.

I created a DIY Homework Station for all five kids and bought some very practical and sentimental supplies for Pedro. I bought him a few 3-packs of Red, Blue, and Black FriXion Erasable Pens by PilotNow, he won’t have to start over whenever he makes a little mistake! I made a super easy color-coded Homework station, a special holder for the Pilot FriXion pens, and even a dry-erase reading log. He’s going to rock Middle School! 


Each homework basket is color coded; one color per child. I accented the baskets with fun “clings” + design-style tape, and created the Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens holder with a popsicle mold plus the tape. See the 4th cup? It’s for the FriXion Erasable Highlighters I found at Target, too! I was so excited for Pedro. The other supply cup has a USB Flash Drive, colored sticky papers, colorful clips, scissors, and 5-connections USB hub. Target is so awesome!



Learning IS fun!


I love the way these pens write!




I think we’ll store it right on the mantle for easy access right after school.




I created a dry-erase Reading Log for each of my children. The triplets are starting Kinder! I can’t believe it. They’ll have homework and daily reading, too. It’s a good thing I got us organized and ready-to-go. I created a printable for you, to download HERE! Just laminate the printed sheet and it’s ready to use.


Wait, there’s more!

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Pilot will be making a minimum of a $125,000 donation to STOMP Out Bullying, spanning 2015 and 2016. If annual sales goals are exceeded, additional funds will be donated. The additional funds, beyond the minimum $125,000 donation, will be determined based on sales performance & purchase quantities.

Join Pilot’s efforts and let others know that their FriXion Clicker purchase can help erase bullying and back-to-school stress. With your support, together we can write a new chapter in U.S. schools

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By: Alicia Gonzalez