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I guess that the only way to hold myself truly accountable on this #30Days2BetterSkin Exaltria skin care challenge I’ve accepted (was absolutely going wild to take) is to share an embarrassing before picture.  I’m a mostly positive person but I haven’t been taking great care of myself lately.  I’m not sleeping well.  I’m not drinking water.  I’m not taking care of my skin. I’m not taking care of me.  I pride myself on being a great mom but I don’t feel great about this example I’ve been setting.  For me, it’s not just about looking good to feel good.  It’s about showing my children that I respect myself as much as I want them to respect themselves.  Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean that I can’t take care of myself, too!  If my teen doesn’t eat breakfast in the morning, I’m mad about it.  I want him to have healthy habits that nourish his body so he can keep doing what he loves: SOCCER! Aside from my family (and yes, soccer) I love people! I love them.  I talk to strangers, enjoy every chance I have to engage with other adults, and love when I run into an old friend unexpectedly while out and about.  Well, not taking care of myself is taking a toll on my skin! It’s red, blotchy, dry, and pretty unhealthy right now.  It’s so unappealing to me, that lately I’ve found myself avoiding people! While I was out running errands today, I saw someone in the store who I hadn’t seen in a while.  For a moment, I was so excited! Then, I quickly turned around and hid.  YES! I hid like a child.  Why? Because I looked like this:

Exaltria skin care challenge #shop #collectivebias

I see that picture and I know it’s not my best me.  Honestly, I’m embarrassed to share it.  I’m not so vain that I think looks are more important than what’s on the onside.  On the other hand, there’s no reason not to take care of how we look!  I’m terrified of this challenge, but I’m going to do it.  It’s been said that it takes about 30 days to develop a habit.  I’m ready to develop some good skin care habits! Hiding from an old friend today was not one of my proudest moments.  It had been a long week so far and I was feeling down.  I like to be my best me.  I’m pretty on the inside, but I can also be beautiful on the outside. I’ve seen it! (insert giggle)  Skin care is essential to looking good on the outside.  With the winter months just ahead, now is the perfect time to get ahead of my skin care regimen and healthy changes.  I’m so happy that #CollectiveBias shared this opportunity with me.

Any chance someone wants to join me on the challenge? 

Exaltria is an all natural dietary supplement that gives you beauty from the inside out.  When you turn 25 your body can stop producing molecular acid, which slows down or even stops your skin’s ability to restore elasticity. Exaltria helps solve that problem and helps you maintain young healthy looking skin, among other benefits.  

You can get your own 30 day supply HERE or you can also get Exaltria on!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  Wish me luck!

Exaltria #shop #collectivebias
By: Alicia Gonzalez

CURIOUS how I’m doing after my first week? Check out a little photo update, HERE

In the middle of all of this, I got very sick.  The doctors gave me permission to continue with my regimen, and I look like THIS.

And just a little further down the #30DaysToBetterSkin challenge, I’m looking like THIS.



It’s been a crazy journey so far on my #30Days2BetterSkin. Despite obstacles, including a 2 week respiratory infection that put me in the ER and hospital, @ Exaltria is working. All no filter, no make up, no edit pics! Ready for the finish!! #shop #collectivebias

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On 10/17 I finish my challenge and can’t wait to see the results!