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I finally did it! For years, family and friends have been asking me to photograph their events. How can I say no? The thing is, I was running another business and didn’t even realize it. So, on June 1st, I took a huge step and opened my own photography studio! This party, my niece’s First Communion was the event that really got the ball rolling. Everyone loved the photos and First Communion Party Ideas! People started emailing me asking if I could cover their events or help them plan their parties.

As a mom of five children, I like to do things on a budget! So, DIY center pieces are a favorite! I love a good party and so do the triplets. Sadly, there are lots of parties they are not invited to attend. Thank goodness we have a big family that keeps us pretty busy with fun events!

While celebrating a First Communion is a very special day for families, it can also be a very expensive day. That’s especially true when you have a celebration party following the ceremony. Consider some of these great First Communion party ideas and tips for your next celebration.

First Communion Party Ideas 1

When it comes to colors, I love a two-color style with an additional accent color. My niece’s party was pink and white with silver accents throughout. It was absolutely gorgeous. The party location was a community center with a single room, plus a narrow kitchen, and a bathroom.

I love that these First Communion party ideas can be replicated in a home or within an outdoor tented area.

It was a true transformation. Matching food with the party colors when possible creates a beautiful result that can be easily achieved. These cross and angel cake pops were done in the party colors and mounted on paper straws. Gorgeous!

First Communion Party Ideas 4

First Communion Party Ideas-3

First Communion Party Ideas

First Communion Party Ideas 10

First Communion Party Ideas 8

Creating a tablescape backdrop turns an ordinary food table into and extraordinary sight!

First Communion Party Ideas 11

Balloons and streamers are an affordable way to add extra beauty to your party. This wall was accented with balloons clustered together in sets of four and color streamers twisted in parallel sets along hanging from the balloon wall banner.

Chair covers and bows are one of my favorite ways to turn the seating area into a dining experience! *Pro tip: Take an extra couple of minutes to make sure the backs of your chairs are evenly aligned for that extra touch of visual perfection!

First Communion Party Ideas Chairs

First Communion Party Ideas Guests

Fancy up your table centers with a personal touch of DIY and practical gifts. These flowers were made with wooden dowels, with ribbon wrapped around them. The dowels were then inserted into white styrofoam balls. Paper flower pedals were attached using white-tip pins and the entire piece was inserted into plastic pots with styrofoam to hold the dowel in place, and mock moss to give it the finishing touch! Pre-framed pictures of the First Communion child are a hit with guests!

First Communion Party Ideas picture frames

First Communion Party Ideas picture gifts

A backdrop, diy picture frame, and accessories gives you a fun photo are all the guests will enjoy!

First Communion Party Ideas photo backdrop

First Communion Party Ideas party princess

First Communion Party Ideas 18

First Communion Party Ideas silly girl

My niece is such a joyful girl! Her silly is contagious.

First Communion Party Ideas picture frame

First Communion Party Ideas Ariadna

First Communion Party Ideas Kaitlyn

Be sure to follow me on PINTEREST for more party ideas! What are your favorite party tips? Share them in the comments! Also, if you enjoyed this post, remember to share it with friends~! You know, sharing-is-caring!

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