First Communion parties are expensive. As a mom of five children, I like to do things on a budget! Save money with DIY center pieces.  We love a good party, but there are lots of parties we are not invited to attend.

Check out some of these great First Communion party ideas and tips for your next celebration.

First Communion Party Ideas Hero

Pink and white with silver accents are a gorgeous color combination!

Of course, locations vary in price. Community Centers are an affordable option for post-ceremony parties.

These party ideas work great for indoor and outdoor parties!

Match food with the party colors whenever possible to create beautiful results. These cross and angel cake pops are gorgeous along with the backdrop.

White Cake Pops with Pink Cross

White Angel Cake Pops

Holy Bible Cake Pops

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First Communion Party Ideas 8

Create a backdrop to turn an ordinary food table into and extraordinary buffet!

Pink and White Balloon and Streamers Wall

Balloons and streamers are an affordable way to add extra beauty to your party. This wall was accented with balloons clustered together in sets of four and color streamers twisted in parallel sets along hanging from the balloon wall banner.

Of course, chair covers and bows turn the seating area into a dining experience! *Pro tip: Take an extra couple of minutes to make sure the backs of your chairs are evenly aligned for that extra touch of visual perfection!

First Communion Party Ideas Chairs

First Communion Party Ideas Guests

DIY adds a personal touch and they are practical gifts. Make these flower balls with wooden dowels and ribbon. Pin cut out flowers into a styrofoam ball. Guests love personalized gifts!

First Communion Party Ideas picture frames

First Communion Party Ideas picture gifts

Backdrop, picture frames with a photo, and accessories are you a fun and easy gift for guests!

First Communion Party Ideas photo backdrop

First Communion Party Ideas party princess

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First Communion Party Ideas silly girl

First Communion Party Ideas picture frame

First Communion Party Ideas Ariadna

First Communion Party Ideas Kaitlyn

What is a First Communion?

Catholics and Christians who receive holy communion believe in Jesus Christ, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The sacrament of the eucharist, when you receive communion is the acceptance oof bread and wine as symbols of the body and blood of Christ.

Catholics are required to go to confession especially before receiving communion. Many Christian-based churches also use crackers or some form of dry bread-like product.

A First Communion is when a person has not received the sacrament before.  The Catholic Church requires religious education before children can take their first communion.

Children have to be Baptized first. When a child receives the body and blood of Christ for the first time, it one of the most important family gatherings that Christians attend.

Holy Eucharist is a Christian initiation upon reception of the sacrament. Boys and girls both wear white clothes because it represents purity and a new beginning. Boys wear white formal-wear and girls wear white dresses. 

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Angel Cake Pops Display

Primera Comunión Cake Pops

Primera Comunión


DIY Party Table Center

DIy Frame Table Center

Chairs with white covers and pink bows

party cake pops

the triplets

Party Guests

By: Alicia Gonzalez