Like the onset of Summer in the month of June,

the sound of your voice never comes too soon.

Like the stars light up the heavens in July,

my soul starts glowing when you’re nearby.

Like a walk along the beach on an August night,

your smile comforts me making everything alright.

Like the leaves of September color the street,

your beauty astounds me and my heart skips a beat.

Like the familiar feel of an October breeze,

the comfort of your touch puts me at ease.

Like a November night by the fireplace,

you always put a smile on my face.

Like the carolers in December on Christmas Eve,

you’re a beautiful song, a welcome reprieve.

Like January commences the awaited fresh start,

each day you give something new to my heart.

Life February’s role as a segue to Spring,

you’re my door to wonderful, my everything.

Like a stroll through the park on a March afternoon,

you’re a peaceful moment, a midnight moon.

Like the scent of April on a rainy day,

you’re smell so sweet takes my breath away.

Like a picnic in May by the lake,

you sooth my soul and take away the ache.

Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring,

and endless supply of joy, you bring,

to my heart and my soul, in every way.

You’re my four seasons, my brighter day.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez  All Rights Reserved 2013