Enjoy the Ride-Hallmark-Get Carded 7 Day Challenge

I have a special place in my heart for Hallmark.  I have been a writer for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t always identify myself as a writer.  I just wrote.  When someone has so much feeling and is at a loss for words, there is nothing more beautiful than personally being able to give life to their message with words I connect together for them.  Those written bits will always be on my list of proudest moments.

I’m actually quite sentimental about the power of words.  I remember being young and spending what seemed like hours looking at all things Hallmark.  Sometimes I would get teary-eyed.  It wasn’t just the words that would get to me in a card, but the sentiment of their power to move someone else, and the brilliance of a company in the business of relationships.

So, “Yes, Yes, Yes, please!” was my response when I was offered the opportunity to do this challenge.  I know I have it listed under “Sponsored,” which is the correct place for it, but the only compensation I received for this post was the package of cards, which I sent out in this challenge.  The reward (personally) of doing this challenge was profoundly inspiring.

So, what’s the challenge?  SIMPLE!  7 cards in 7 days.  Connect.  Connect with your loved ones, old friends, new friends, or anyone you’ve met along your journey in life who made you enjoy the ride just a little bit more!  Do it.  Your friends and family won’t be the only ones smiling.  For many of us, a hand-written card is one of those things we keep recycling on our to-do lists but never actually get to doing.  This challenge gave me that extra push that I wish I would have had the whole year.  I don’t plan on losing momentum now.  So thank you, Hallmark!

While picking out the perfect card can be a lot of fun, it was as fun, if not more, being surprised when I opened my package.  What I love most about Hallmark is that aside from being able to think of a specific person and find just the right card, you can see that perfect card that makes you instantly think of just the right person.

I sent my cards to Peggy (the card in this post), Joani, Joelle, Jessie, Justin, Elizabeth and Leila.  I hadn’t decided who I would send the cards to before I got them.  Although, as soon as I saw each one, I knew immediately who each card belonged to.  What are you waiting for? Connect.  Re-connect.  Stay connected!

Oh, and there’s more!  To help you get started, Hallmark is giving you 30% off if you use use the code BLOG30 to buy cards on Hallmark.com!


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The WINNER will be selected on August 11, 2013.  Good Luck!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez