Mary Kay® sent me a no-strings-attached package of some great products, at no cost to me, for review. I fell in love with them and decided to share my thoughts. I found some great gift ideas for women and men from the Mary Kay® package. All opinions are mine and mine aloneSee product details and photos below.

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There is no better gift than one that makes a person feel good, on the inside. It’s pretty awesome when that same gift helps to look good on the outside, too. Mary Kay® not only has great beyond-cosmetics products for women, they also have great products for men!

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True Original® Hair and Body Wash 6.5 fl. oz. Price $20.00 and MKMen® Daily Facial Wash 4.5 fl. oz. Price $16.00

Between caring for a husband, five children, and trying to manage a career from my dining room table, I’m exhausted, often. Even though I have an in-home office space, it’s hard to find time to sneak away to my space. 

Being so busy all the time makes me feel blah. I don’t pay too much attention to what others think about the way I look, but I do care about how I feel. I feel better when I look better. Whether I want to go for a natural look or bold and powerful look, my Mary Kay at Play® package had something for my every mood. I felt… well, beautiful. I did! I even went a little selfie-crazy and my energy went way up! Not only did I feel great about myself, I felt a part of something amazing and much bigger than “self”.

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I’m a sentimental person. If you’ve read even one post of mine before, you probably already knew that. Mary Kay® empowers women and that inspires me. When I wear their products, I feel like I’m doing my part to support women around the globe to better their lives and live their dreams. Rather than try to put the amazing history of Mary Kay® into my own words, I’ve copied this straight from their site:

For more than 50 years, Mary Kay has helped women discover products that they love: innovative skin care, irresistible makeup and unforgettable fragrances. At the same time, the Mary Kay business opportunity has helped women from Kansas to Kazakhstan, discover extra income, empowered choices and true beauty from the inside out.

Mary Kay also touches hearts through a powerful legacy of giving back to the global community – all thanks to one amazing woman who turned her passion for beautiful lives into a one-of-a-kind success story.

I’ve personally known women who have turned their lives around as Mary Kay® beauty consultants. So, when I wear their products, I get an anything-is-possible feeling. Just think about what life was like, over fifty years ago for women. Mary Kay® helped change the future for women, and those changes ultimately gave me the freedom I now likely take for granted. They continue to “pay it forward,” as part of their company philosophy. Gift ideas for women don’t have to be complicated. Get her something she’ll like, use, and feel proud to represent as a customer, for a Brand that is making lives better, every day.

As a longtime donor of the TODAY Show Toy Drive, Mary Kay® has given more than $45 million in Mary Kay® products and toys to the project.

These reasons alone are enough to inspire me to BUY Mary Kay® The best part is, their products are actually fabulous, making them the perfect gift ideas for women and men, alike!

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NEW! Limited-Edition† Sheer Dimensions™ Powder Pearls – A pearlescent tone for a finish that looks bathed in candlelight. Lace – A sunny matte coral that creates intriguing, glowing warmth all over skin. Price $34 each. Mary Kay® Compact Mini (unfilled) Price $17.00 Eye shadow varieties – prices vary.

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Mary Kay® Cream & Sugar™ Body Gift Set 4 oz. each Price $25.00 (***does not include the Berry & Cream™, which is part of another Gift Set***)

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Mary Kay® Lotion & Lip Balm Gift Set – Apple & Pear™ Lotion – 2.5 fl. oz. Lip Balm – .3 oz. Price $18.00

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Mary Kay® Body Lotion & Lip Balm Gift Set – Sugar & Spice™ Lotion – 2.5 fl. oz. Lip Balm – .3 oz. Price $18.00

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Mary Kay At Play® Little Delights™ Fragrance Mists .9 fl. oz. each Price $16.00

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Cityscape® Eau de Parfum 1.7 fl. oz. Price $50.00

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Thinking of You® Body Lotion 4.5 fl. oz. Price $20.00

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NEW! Limited-Edition† Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush, Color Price $50.00

These are just some of my favorite gift ideas for women and men. Want to know more? Talk to an Independent Consultant. You can find one near you, HERE. All Mary Kay® products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Their NEW and Limited-Edition are always some of my favorites! To stay in-the-know, be sure to LIKE them on Facebook, and follow along on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

By: Alicia Gonzalez