Updated July 2018. This post has been sponsored in partnership with Verizon. Gizmo Gadget Review: Best Smart Watch for Kids. This is still one of our most popular posts ever, and still a great product! Gizmo Gadget Review

Some time ago, I wrote about the LG Gizmo Pal 2, available at Verizon.

Then, this last Christmas, Verizon sent me a present. They sent me a Moto Z Force Droid with an Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod, which completely exceeded my expectations. They also sent me an LG GizmoGadget™. By the time I was done reviewing it, I was seriously jumping up and down for joy! If I would have known how much peace-of-mind, not to mention the smiles this thing would bring, I’d have bought one long ago, letting nothing get in my way. This super-affordable little gadget is at the top of my must-must-must-must-have list!

Gizmo Gadget Review App

I am always starving for more “Simple Solutions.” It’s the foundation of this site. It’s my personal focus and my secret to parenting. I found some great ones in the Gizmo Gadget Review!

Gizmo Gadget Review Kaitlyn

I stopped by Verizon to pick up a case for one of my phones and all the kids (three of Kaitlyn’s brothers and two cousins) scattered around the store, checking out the phones and tablets. Kaitlyn was so content with her Gizmo Gadget she didn’t even try to explore the store. She’s loved it since Day 1.

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