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They don’t just grow up too fast. They run too fast! They push me to make healthy choices. With so many active kids, I am always standing instead of sitting, running instead of walking, and thinking about the choices I make.

Pedro and the triplets got new shoes last week.  Those pink and grey shoes are Kaitlyn’s.  She couldn’t wait to get them on.  She kept telling me they were the fastest shoes in the world.  Out of nowhere, while we were chatting about her new super fast shoes, she squealed…

Mommy, CHASE ME!

And, she took off running! I’m used to chasing her, because sometimes she bolts, and I panic.  I’m used to trying to keep her safe.  I’m used to running out of breath between the fear of something happening to her when she tries to bolt in a parking lot and the sheer adrenaline rush when I have to react, and even run, quickly. I am not used to her asking me to chase her.  I understand it, but it caught me so off guard, I almost cried.  There she was in her tiny-big shoes, joyful and hopeful, essentially asking me to play with her.  As a mom, I’m used to the guilt-struggle we often have to deal with.  Sometimes we are trying so hard to survive the day, we don’t actually live the day.  We  just go, go, and go, until we crash. Then, we do it all over the next day.

Kaitlyn came back to where I was and asked me again to chase her.  Something about the way she was looking at me, made me feel emotional.  She looked at me with such love and confidence.  She looked at me as if she was sure she could count on me to be there for her, always.  That sounds so beautiful, right?  Well, it was also heart breaking.  For a moment, I felt like I had let her down, or surely would.  I am already (a lot older than twenty-seven) years old, and she is only four-years-old.  Antonio is almost fifteen years old and still wants to kick the soccer ball around with me at the park.  I thought about doing that for another ten or more years with the triplets.  I wondered if I’d be able to keep up with them in the future.  It was a simple and wonderful moment.  A little girl wanted her mommy to be spontaneous and play with her.  That’s all.  Well, I saw the big picture in that moment.  It reminded me of how important it is that I continue to make as many healthy choices as I can.

I DO want to chase her.  I want to chase her super hero wannabe brothers, too!

Healthy Choices #Shop

Recently, I’ve tried to take better advantage of any wait time when I’m picking up the older boys from soccer practices.  I just started walking while I waited for them to finish. I’m all for big goals, but making healthy choices isn’t just about the big things.  All the little things we do can add to big results when we’re consistent.

They can also add up to big #BalanceRewards!

Walgreens Paperless Coupons #shop #collectivebias

Last month I told you all about Walgreen’s paperless coupons.  

If you aren’t already a #BalanceRewards member, you should really check out that post! The sign up is super easy and the new Walgreens app is amazing! You can clip coupons, refill prescriptions, review weekly ads, locate a store, create a shopping list, scan, check your rewards balance, and more! Between those things alone, it quickly became one of my favorite apps.  Although, I wasn’t using it to it’s fullest potential.

Paperless Coupons App #Shop #CollectiveBias

So, with Kailtyn’s “chase me, mommy!” challenge fresh in my mind, I signed up for Walgreen’s healthy choices program.

Healthy Choices Steps #Shop

That gives me even more points with big rewards! In fact, you can earn points down every aisle at Walgreens.   Then, I connected a favorite fitness tracker app to my rewards account!

You didn’t think it would be hard and complicated, did you?

Nope! The BR for healthy choices allows you to connect apps and devices you are already using to track your goals, calories, fitness, steps, and more. There is an entire list of compatible apps and devices!  Joining the healthy choices program not only increased my points without doing anything more than what I already was doing, it motivated me to make a few more healthy changes!

healthy choices #shop

Your kids, family, and friends want you to make healthy choices, too! Walgreens wants to reward you! Are you ready? Tag, you’re it!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez