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Some of the best things in life are only available at Costco!

My mother-in-law does her grocery shopping on Sundays.  Her lists always make me laugh because there are as many stores as there are groceries! She goes here for bread, and there for meat, and over yonder for household cleaners, and por allá for the vegetables.   She is a bargain shopper, for sure!  Of course, Costco is still one her favorite places when she really needs more, for less!  I’m kind of proud that I added her to my account the first time she ever shopped at Costco.  She’s taught me so many things over the years.  I get excited to teach her some stuff, too!  I’ve been a Member for a long time.  Every penny saved is a big help to most families, especially mine.  With five kids, it’s hard to find the time to scour every sale at every store to save money like she does.  Often times, it’s not even worth the gas.  Luckily, I can get one of our most used items at a great price; Huggies Natural Care® Plus Wipes!  I don’t have to worry about feeling guilty for not scouring every store in town for the best price because these are only available at Costco



This is one of our family products.  Really, they’re not just for kids!

You already know we’re a soccer family, so we are on-the-go all the time.  These wipes are thick and tough, yet gentle enough to use on my children’s hyper-sensitive skin! We have them in the car, the bathroom, the diaper bag, the closet, mommy’s purse, and in all the backpacks! We even have some on the cleaning shelf because they are perfect for quick clean up jobs around the house.  They don’t have those harsh cleaning chemicals, but they are moist, ready-to-go, and don’t fall apart with a single swipe across the table.  These are just a great product, they also come in awesome new packaging! Actually, they are Huggies® simplest formula ever! Check out the new pack with 2 kinds of refillable dispensers, plus 1160 refill wipes to keep you stocked at home or on the goOne of those refillable dispensers is the NEW Huggies® Clutch ‘n’ Clean* pouch and comes in every pack of Huggies® Natural Care® Plus Wipes.The fun and fashionable strap makes it accessible anywhere.

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Plus Up Your Care – try Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers and Huggies Natural Care® Plus Wipes, only at Costco 

We’ve been trying to potty train the triplets for a while now! I’m sure some of you are going through the same thing.  As babies get bigger, so do their bladders! They can hold more and they need a diaper than can, too!  It can be very frustrating to wake up to dirty urine filled sheets each morning because your toddler’s diaper couldn’t handle their middle-of-the-night pee-pee.  My children aren’t even toddlers anymore, so they have even bigger bladders!  They are 4 1/2 now.  While I would love for them to be completely potty-trained already, I am so proud of their other successes. When you are the parent of children with special needs, your priorities are constantly evolving.  For now, I’m just happy they can sleep through the night without leaking through their diaper!  Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers have a SnugFit* waistband and unique Grip Tabs for a secure fit. Remember, these products are only available at Costco! They come in a variety of sizes, including the triplets’ Size , for over 35 lbs!

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For a limited time, now YOU can even try NEW Huggies® Snug & Dry Plus Diapers with the special Leak Lock® system and Huggies Natural Care® Plus Wipes for FREE! 

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By:  Alicia Gonzalez