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Do you remember when my mom came from out-of-state to visit last month?  When grandma was here visiting, we quickly discovered that she drinks one thing, and one thing only, at mealtime; iced tea! She discovered that all of my children love spicy chips, which shocked her! It was funny how we all loved the same things and could share them. Food always brings people together. Whether it’s a mealtime, snacktime, or time for iced tea, there’s nothing like the pause in a busy day to connect with the people you love. Grandma drank iced tea with every meal. After she left, so did we!

I’ve talked so much about our busy schedule now that the kids have gone back-to-school. Sports have always consumed a lot of our time as a family, even in the Summer. Now, with the kids back-t0-school, we’re racing through the day! On a night like tonight, when we have soccer practice, I might not even take out real plates. I’ll still make them sit down, though. We can/must take a few minutes to be a family!


Shoot, sometimes I don’t even use real utensils. We’re busy and I’m learning to make life a little less complicated. Tonight is not your typical sit-down-dinner, but it’s our soccer-practice-night dinner. I have to keep us connected, no matter how hard it is with our schedule, some days. I also have to make sure my children stay hydrated. Lipton Iced Tea isn’t just delicious, it’s practical and it’s my secret-weapon for making sure everyone gets enough liquids in the day.  It’s working for our family.



The older kids were having some type of thumb-war with their Lipton Iced Tea cups. Everytime I looked over at them, they pretended to be toasting eachother. Yeah, right! They were doing some strange cup fight. So, don’t be surprised if serving it to your family makes them happy and silly! Also, it’s a good idea to have some ready and 0n-hand. Just make a picture and store it in the fridge. It’s quick and delicious! Plus, it really quenches your thirst. 


Whether I’m making some ooh-laa-laa food with several courses, or we’re eating crackers with ham and cheese, Lipton Iced Tea is the little-black-dress of beverages. It goes with everything! So, we drink it with everything.


Safeway is having a huge #StockUpOnLipton Sale, starting today, with a great promo on Lipton Iced Tea 100 ct! 

StockUpSale-Safeway (1)

You can’t miss it in the store. Look…


What is your favorite way to prepare Lipton Iced Tea? Do you like it straight, with a pinch of sugar, or infused with your favorite fruits? Planning on picking something up for dinner while you’re at Safeway, stocking up? Check out some of my favorite meal recipes, HERE!





Keep your family hydrated, refreshed, and connected! Back-to-school is a busy time for us all. Be sure to head on over to Safeway and #StockUpOnLipton before the great sale ends.

By: Alicia Gonzalez