Multiples Pregnancy

Babies A, B, & C, completely different, yet exactly the same.

Each one of you patiently awaiting your own name.

You are as real to me as your brothers are.

Hold on little ones.  You’ve all come so far.

But we have a long road ahead, so you must stay strong.

Rest now, my babies.  Mommy shall sing you a song.

Baby, baby, baby, mommy’s precious three.

Hush little babies.  Sleep peacefully.

Now don’t you fret. Everything will be fine.

As your little hearts beat, so does mine.

Hush little babies. Mommy is here.

The moment I’ll hold you in my arms in near.

For now I hold you as close as can be.

With two shaky hands placed gently on mommy’s tummy.

Mommy loves you. Now don’t you cry.

Hush little babies. Time is flying by.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez

I wrote this poem in 2009 during my triplet pregnancy. I am publishing it here, more than four years later.  My triplets are now healthy four-year-olds.  I dedicate this poem to the little ones who await the embrace of their mommies and to the mommies anxiously awaiting their babies’ first breath.  I dedicate this poem to multiples mothers.  Somehow, people will debate whether or not a mother is a mother of multiples if she loses a child (or more) and is left with one or no living children from her multiple pregnancy.  My heart breaks for these mothers.  Yes. They are multiples moms. They have felt every word in this poem.  They have whispered every thought.  They have cradles their tummies and reassured each baby that mommy is here.  They felt a love and a worry that is quite unique to multiples parents.